9 Tips To Stay Positive After A Crappy Week
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9 Tips To Stay Positive After A Crappy Week

Dance it out to Beyonce's 7/11

9 Tips To Stay Positive After A Crappy Week

It's officially the 3rd week of school here at KSU but because of #Snowday2018 it feels like we haven't truly gotten into the groove of school again.

Here we are in the first full week of school and all hell has broken loose. It's amazing how much stuff can happen in just one day with most of it out of your control. Throughout my horrible week, I strived to stay positive and not let the circumstances ruin my attitude. The key to overcoming stress is to be positive and trust me it's not always as easy as it sounds.

1. Laughter

Don't underestimate a good laugh because it can go a long way in changing your mood. When I'm feeling especially over-stressed and need a distraction, I'll rewatch old favorite sitcoms like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. By distracting myself for just a little bit it gives the brain time to rest.

2. Ice Cream or anything other tasty dessert

Ice Cream is my go-to snack for all occasions whether good or bad.

3. Dance it out

I've touched on this before but taking a break & dancing out to your favorite song is such a great stress-reliever. The many times I've chosen to put on Beyonce's "7/11" and attempt to dance away my problems

4. Hanging out with friends

Probably one of the better distractions is hanging out with your friends. Hearing their silly stories about their week or how annoying their boss at work is kinda helps you worry less about your own problems.

5. Take a long bath

I couldn't make this list without inserting the magic of bubble baths. Not only because their relaxing but even the preparation part is fun. Choosing which bath bomb to use is super exciting and you'll forget all about your stressful day/week/month for a bit.

6. Go running

Running always helps to clear my head. I always feel 100% better, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever it was bothering me.

7. Take yourself out on a "date"

Dress up get out of the house and go eat somewhere. Treat yourself to a nice night on the town. It might feel weird at first but spending time with yourself not worrying about other things can be the best medicine.

8. Waste time doing random online quizzes

Buzzfeed quizzes are a great distraction from life in general - seriously, I can spend hours taking tests about what my love life will look like this year to which house I should buy based off of my horoscope sign.

9. Have some serious girl talk with your BFF

Take a moment to hash out everything that’s on your mind to your BFF, then after talking it out let it go. If you constantly keep talking about what's been stressing you out it'll just add even more stress.

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