College is expensive, but having a good time doesn’t have to be. Plan events, parties and activities that are free, or nearly free, so that you can use your money for more important things. Colleges are the best environment for planning for cheap entertainment for yourself and others. Make your activity the start to a money-free week, where you plan to live off of what you have and make your own fun.

Check the college calendar. Very few college-sponsored events cost anything. Go see the comedian on campus or play a round of bingo.

Host a board or card game night in your dorm or apartment. Some of my favorites include Pictionary, Settlers of Catan, Tsuro, Jenga, Dirty Minds, Cards Against Humanity, Balderdash and the list goes on and on.

Invite friends for a potluck. Have everyone bring a meal or drink and plan to watch a movie or play a game, rather than go out.

Visit a zoo or museum on a free day. Many zoos, museums and parks offer days or specific times without cost. Plan to make a trip on one of those days.

Have an origami folding competition with a friend. Cut several squares of paper into 4X4 squares, turn your backs on each other, look up instructions and set a timer for two minutes. Once the time is up, face each other and show off your creations. Add a judge and a small prize for fiercer competition.

Make a time capsule. Find an unused shoe box or Tupperware container (you know you have them) and gather items that represent you, at this moment. Add a small note for your future self or the person who will find it, if you can bury it, with the date.

Have a mini-film festival. Invite five to seven friends and ask each one to bring their favorite movie (or list of Netflix choices). Provide chips, soda, the tv and a restroom and you are in for approximately 10 hours of free entertainment, granted you aren’t paying the bills.

Find a 30-minute workout video on YouTube. Yoga, Body Bootcamp, Aerobic Dance, Cardio, or Zumba are just a few of the workouts you can find online.

Take a nap. Our lives are incredibly hectic and sometimes relaxing is even more valuable than planning an activity. Take the time and money, you would have spent hanging out with friends, back and relax.

Try out these and other cost-free activities to fill your workless weekends. For more suggestions, check nearly any mommy blog online or websites like