The male species is a unique species....because no one ever understands them!! One second they are flirting and asking for a girl's number from the bar and the next they are "afraid of commitment." One minute they put on a brand new shirt and the next it looks like a paintball fight just occurred. Their actions and motives are so conspicuous you need to hire a detective sometimes. It's a good thing this world is full of cheerful, more clear entities. Here are 9 of the best ones.

Disclaimer: no men were harmed in the making of this article. It's all laughs and jokes here people.

1. Chicken Nuggets

I mean come on.......NACHO FRIES?! YES PLEASE.


Is an explanation even needed?

4. Roosters

Are they annoying? Yes. Do they wake one up uneccesarily early in the morning? Yes. Are they rude? Yes. But at least they are watching out for you.


They put the first man on the moon! Plus, they are always finding new discoveries in space! Maybe they can help explain the cognition of men.

6. Cats

Alright fine, they can be mean sometimes. But they are cute, cuddly, and real in emotions.

7. Chocolate

There's a reason chocolate is an aphrodisiac.....get it?

I'll wait for the laughs.

8. Netflix

Enough said.

9. Tinder

Once again....the male species is unpredictable....especially when it comes to Tinder. So happy swiping!