9 Different Types of Drivers You Find On The Road

The roads are full of many different types of cars. Blue cars, red cars, big cars, little cars, Priuses, monster trucks etc. Along with different types of cars comes different types of drivers. Drivers are just like Pokemon in the sense that each type of driver has their own specific behaviors and traits. Kee

p an eye out for each type of driver here and try to "catch them all". You may even be one of them.

1. Grandma Driver

This is one of the more common species. Common features include driving 10 mph below the limit and taking 15 minutes to make a turn. Relatively painless. Commonly old and fossil like.

2. The Angry Pick-Up Truck Drivers

Prone to road rage, less common. Inhabit the speed lanes and the fast lanes. Avoid at all costs, especially rush hour. Seem to enjoy displaying their middle finger.

3. Traffic Weavers

Relatively common and very annoying. Who knows where they need to go so quickly. Dangerous and should be avoided. Common culprits of speeding.

4. Tailgaters

Can also fall under No. 2. Extremely annoying and potentially dangerous. Common factor that makes them spawn is driving the speed limit.

5. Drivers That Honk Right When The Light Turns Green.

Very annoying and ridiculous. More common than should be. Can cause drivers in front to want to suddenly throw the car in reverse.

6. Drivers Who Impose Their Music On The World.

Two varieties exist: those who keep their windows down and blast music, and those who have their windows closed but crank the bass. Only should be avoided if tasteless music or country music is played.

7. The Distracted Driver

One of the most common types. Common traits include texting, calling, Snapchatting and my favorite: FaceTiming while driving. Can cause an accident. Common in young drivers.

8. The Passive Driver

Not as common as they should be. Very rare in urban areas such as NYC, Chicago, Cleveland etc. Seem to disappear around rush hour. Very tolerant of Nos. 1-6. Very safe and pleasant to be around.

9. The New Driver

Can easily be mistaken for a drunk driver. Avoid at all costs. Extreme danger to life and property. Common traits include swerving (the bad kind), driving extremely slow or fast, and a general appearance of confusion.

The road is such a wonderful environment to see all varieties of drivers in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for all of these different types of drivers on the road. But be careful, some types are more dangerous than others. If one of your friends / family members are one of these, be sure to tag them!

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