Finding a college roommate is hard enough, but finding a group of people to live with can be even more difficult. One of the best parts about joining Greek Life is that you’ll always have a plethora of potential housemates to choose from.

While my sorority doesn’t have an official house, there is a house on the main drag that has been inhabited by sisters for several years. I moved in two semesters ago and I’ve been so happy to live there with my sisters.

1. You already know you get along with them

Part of being a sister is being in a group of women who have the same passions and ideologies as you do-- you already know you have something in common with your future housemates and know their personalities. These are the things you want to know before moving in with somebody.

2. You’ll be attending sorority activities with them

Greek Life has a lot of requirements such as community service, fundraising and rush events. You never have to leave the house by yourself (or be left home alone) when you live with sisters. All of the members are required to participate in these activities, so you already have someone to carpool or walk with to the event!

3. Your craft supplies/lettered shirts/fabric collection multiplies

Trying to create the perfect canvas for your little, but you don’t have the exact shade of blue paint that you’re looking for? Your housemate probably has it.

4. You don’t feel awkward confronting your housemates about chores

If someone leaves a pan on the stove, it can be weird bringing it up to them, especially if you’re not too familiar with them. Another huge part of being sisters means that you trust your sisters enough that you can take care of potential conflicts before they get out of hand. There’s no tension or weird feelings about setting up chore charts or deciding whose turn it is to buy paper towels, because you already trust your sisters to do their part.

5. You have extra class advisers and study buddies

If you get extra lucky and live with sisters who have the same major as you, you have someone to advise you on classes and help you with difficult projects and assignments! Two of my housemates this semester are in the same major as I am and have taken most of the upper level classes, so I always ask them questions about the workload, the professors and the classes themselves. If you’re in the same classes with sisters, you have an automatic study group with a place to meet and food to share.

6. Family meals

If someone is making/ordering/going out for food, they usually invite the rest of the house. Even if it’s something little like Bagelry or ice cream, you can always find someone to go eat with you, or finish the other half of that frozen pizza. Just be sure to label your groceries if you don’t want other people using them, or if you have special dietary needs like allergies or if you’re vegetarian, etc.

7. You have a house full of people you trust with your life

When we recruit new members, many of our sisters talk about the amazing support system they’ve gained by joining the sisterhood. While this is only one aspect of Greek Life, it’s a huge part of the reason that girls rush. Personally, I joined my sorority because I always wanted sisters, but I grew up an only child. That support system is basically built into a house that’s made up of sisters-- you always have someone to turn to when you have a bad day or when you need advice.

8. You’ll never run out of crafting ideas

Last semester, three of the four sisters in my house took Littles, and the house was covered in crafting supplies for a week. Being able to pull ideas from something other than Pinterest was refreshing-- we were able to bounce ideas off each other while crafting and we pooled all of our craft supplies together to pull a crafting all-nighter for our brand new members.

9. Infinite shoes

Do I even need to explain this one?

So if you’re ever thinking about moving in with your sorority sisters, do it. It’s a wonderful experience and it’s really nice to live with people who have the same values, stories and passions that you do.