9 Beauty Tips That Will Save Your Life
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9 Beauty Tips That Will Save Your Life

Just a few tips and tricks from one makeup guru to another.

9 Beauty Tips That Will Save Your Life
She Knows

From a simple eyeshadow to the top selling BB cream being sold at Sephora, makeup is one of a girl's (and sometimes guy's) way to express themselves. It's like art but for your face, and you want to try to make sure you avoid messing it up as much as possible. And what better way to perfect that art than to get a few makeup tips to help save you from your next makeup mishap.

1. Before you go to Ulta or Sephora, go to a department store that has beauty products for less. Usually Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack get "hand me downs" of the products for way cheaper compared to the original price. This is a personal tip I have learned by checking before I buy.

2. To make sure you're buying the perfect shade of foundation, always color match it to your neck instead of your face. This makes sure you won't have a terrible makeup line when you're done applying so you'll avoid looking like a ghost or an oompa loompa.

3. Using a white eyeliner for your water line is a great way for your eyes to appear larger than they actually are.

4. Always know your colors. Different colors apply to different parts of your face to help hide certain imperfections. Through the mirror has come up with a chart to help us understand our colors more accurately next time we decide to pick up our concealer.

5. Are you one of those girls that sometimes has trouble winging her eyeliner? Well, one of the best ways to make it so sharp it could kill a man is to use scotch tape.

6. Don't have enough time to lay out in the sun and get a nice tan? Luckily there is an alternative to get a nice, summer glow without the risk of a sunburn, and it's called sunless tanning. It's best to do your research to see what brand is right for you. It could be Jergens Natural Glow or St Tropez Tanning Products. However, never self-tan your face ... Just learn to use bronzer.

7. Exfoliating your lips is really a great way to help make sure your lipstick stays on forever and that you won't have to worry about reapplying as much. You can either use your toothbrush or sugar, honey and coconut oil.

8. When using a beauty blender, try dampening it before you use it. This will help make blending a little bit more easier.

9. When you're about to curl your eyelashes, try blow drying your eyelash curler. This will help make your eyelashes curl easier and faster so you won't have to rip clumps of lashes to make sure your lashes are as long as can be.

These are just a few helpful makeup hacks to help you from one makeup appreciator to another. And with the help of these useful tricks, you'll be looking fabulous in no time!

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