11 Things You'll Understand If Your Birthday Is April Fool's Day
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11 Things You'll Understand If Your Birthday Is April Fool's Day

You've slept through your birthday, for one.

11 Things You'll Understand If Your Birthday Is April Fool's Day

My birthday is on April Fool's Day. The one day a year where everyone shows off their mischievous side and spends the day playing jokes and pranks on each other. Despite some of the not so great aspects of me being born on this day, I have enjoyed being able to claim April 1st as the date of my birth. Out of all the holidays that I could've been born on, this is one of the best ones. Here are eleven things that you know to be true if you share the same birthday as me.

1. Nobody ever believes you when you say it's your birthday.

This only happens when I just get to know someone, but when I say that my birthday is on April Fool's Day, they always ask me if I am joking. Seriously, I think I would know what my birth certificate says. I kid you not when I say that I have had to bring copies of my birth certificate and signed notes from my parents to elementary school to put some bratty 9-year-olds in their place more than once.

2. No one fails to tell you that so and so's birthday is on April Fool's day as well.

I am so glad that I share my birthday with your friend's cousin.

3. Your siblings were never allowed to play pranks on you.

It may be different for some families, but my brother was never allowed to play any mean jokes on me since it was my birthday. However, I could play any prank on him that entire day, and he couldn't do anything about it. If he attempted to pull a mean joke on me, I could tattle all I want. It was the greatest birthday present.

4. You play the best pranks.

Since most decent people were kind enough not to play pranks on you, you were able to spend that much extra time planning the best pranks of your own. I always like to think that being born on the grand day of pranks automatically makes me the queen of pulling tricks on my family and friends.

5. Everyone always calls you an April fool.

I never understood this. What even is an April Fool?

6. You have been told countless times that you've slept through your birthday.

Yes Mom, Dad, Brother, and other relatives; you are all so funny. I would totally sleep through the entire day and miss my birthday. I'm sure something would be wrong with my health if I were able to sleep for over 24 hours straight, and you would've attempted to wake me up.

7. People always try to prank you when they give you a "present."

I have known individuals who have said that they got me a present, but haven't gotten me anything, and people who like to give you gag gifts to try to be funny. I get it, April Fool's Day is supposed to be fun and all, but could you take my birthday seriously?

8. People automatically assume that you are some comedian or something.

I know I am born on the funniest day of the year, but please don't assume that I am the next Jimmy Fallon. That is giving my corny jokes way too much credit for what they are.

9. Your day is short of boring.

There is something always quirky going on April 1st wherever you are. For example, my high school would have a traditional prank where they would try to trick us by posting a completely messed up schedule in our announcements and other antics like that. I know for a fact that my birthday is never a “typical day," and it makes me want to do a happy dance.

10. April Fool's day babies will always have it better than those born around Christmas.

People have a better time remembering our birthday compared to those born at Christmas. Christmas is always on too many people's minds, so people with birthdays around Christmas time always seem to get forgotten.

11. You wouldn't trade birthdays with anyone in the world.

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