8 Types Of People You See At A Concert
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8 Types Of People You See At A Concert

There's more than just fangirls.

8 Types Of People You See At A Concert

You probably go to concerts because you like the music, but not everyone goes to concerts for the same reason and certainly not everyone has the same experience. Here are some people to look out for and cross off your I-Spy list at your next show.

1. The Fangirl

Probably the most recognizable of the list, the fangirl can be seen carrying over-sized signs into the concert, usually asking for the a band member's hand in marriage. They also probably somehow convinced their parents to let them skip school so they could be in line by 4:30 a.m. for the concert that starts at 7:30 p.m. Don't let their young age fool you for innocence, they're known to throw elbows as they try to push through people to get to the front. Other signs of a fangirl include wearing excessive band merchandise (because who doesn't need seven T-shirts, 85 bracelets and custom shoes), crying a river of happiness when the band comes onstage and still lurking around the tour bus four hours after the show.

2. The Angsty Teen

The angsty teen is only at the show because there wasn't anything else to do this weekend. They're just there to prove to their friends that music is like, totally their life. Angsty teens will likely be sporting sharpie tattoos and can be found trying to start a mosh pit at a Taylor Swift concert.

3. The Obsessive Photographer

The only thing worse than being stuck behind an obsessive photographer at a concert is being Snapchat friends with one because who doesn't love watching 17 minutes of 10 second clips of shaky videos and people screaming? Don't even pretend you don't know exactly what I'm talking about. This concert-goer seems a little more preoccupied with recording every second than actually enjoying the show. Good thing they'll have all that quality footage to remember it by!

4. The Drunkie

As predicted, the drunkie can be found hanging around the bar trying to get drinks, even though the bartender cut them off 45 minutes ago. Also, dancing, a lot of dancing. But not like concert swaying and jumping dancing, more like, "This is the perfect song to pull out my shopping cart move," dancing. They'll also probably throw their arm around your shoulder at some point, either to keep them steady or to insist on starting the wave with them.

5. The Bored Dad

The bored dad can also be found at the bar, but he certainly isn't dancing. He's more than likely sitting on a stool trying to keep an eye on his fangirl daughter who is busy becoming BFFs with the merchandise guy in hopes he'll take her to meet the band. But bored dad won't be bored forever because he probably found another bored dad to chat with and bond over the fact that they both just wish Jimmy Hendrix was on stage instead.

6. The Girl That Is Trying Way Too Hard

Often the evolved version of a fangirl, she's wearing stilettos and the shortest, tightest LBD she could find and enough makeup that you're pretty sure you would be knuckle-deep in foundation if you touched her face. When she realized the lead singer wasn't going to marry her, she settled for trying for a hook-up instead. She can be found on an elevated surface, making googly eyes at the band, but she's not singing. She wouldn't want to seem desperate or anything.

7. The Con-Artist

It's do or die for the con-artist. You'll either find him backstage or getting thrown out of the venue by the bouncer because he tried to convince the security guard that he's really just the drummer's cousin and he wanted to surprise him with his presence, if only he could get backstage.

8. The Diehard

Not to be confused with the fangirl, the diehard fan is very, very different. The diehard is at the concert not with the hope of hooking up with the band or getting on stage, but because they actually enjoy the music. They're found singing and dancing along to the songs, because they know every word and every beat. The diehard understands the experience of the concert and lets themselves get swept up in the music.

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