8 Tips On How To Nail An Interview
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8 Tips On How To Nail An Interview

Probably don't interview as a team with your best friend....

8 Tips On How To Nail An Interview

Lately I have found myself in a lot of interviews. It can be an exciting time, but it can also be extremely stressful. What if you say the wrong answer? Do you need to bring a resume? Should you wear heels? Are you over dressed? Not dressed up enough? What if it is a phone interview? Do you call them? Or do they call you? CHILL. Interviews are not as scary as they seem. Here are a few pointers that I have found out in my interviewing experience.


If you can't show your future employer that you are punctual and ready to go, why would they want to hire you? There is NEVER an excuse good enough for being late to an interview.

2. Dress for success.

Ever hear of the saying, "look good, feel good?" Well, it is true. You will feel more confident the better you look. The more professional you dress, the easier it will be to answer those questions. Don't worry about if you are overdressed. Being sharp dressed shows the employer that you mean business.

3. Don't go in empty handed.

Be sure to bring your resume and some personal references. Make sure that you have more than one copy just in case.

4.Talk...but not too much.

Be sure to answer their question thoroughly but don't babble on.

5. Be yourself.

This might be one of the most important parts. If you are just answering the way they'd like you to, then you're going to have to maintain that reputation the whole time you work there. Let me tell you, being someone you aren't is exhausting.

6. Shake their hand before and after the interview.

FIRMLY. No one likes a dead-fish handshake.

7. "What's your biggest weakness?"

Do. Not. Answer. With. A. Negative. Here are a few answers...

1. I am a perfectionist. I just like everything done perfectly.

2. I can be a bit too talkative. I am just a social butterfly!

3. I've been told that I am too hard on myself.

8. Do your research.

It doesn't hurt to investigate who might be interviewing you. I am not saying to Facebook stalk them. Find out from the company website a little bit about them. Hopefully, there is a little bit of a bio about them. The company website is also a great place to find out the company values and mission statement.

Long story short, if you care about having a job....it is important that you put in a little effort! Whether it is a job at the local deli or running a corporation, interviews are how you get the job! So, take it seriously.

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