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8 Tips for attending Your First concert

Here are some guidelines to get the best experience at a concert.

8 Tips for attending Your First concert
Alexandrya Hopkins

Concerts are something almost anyone can look forward to. I've been to my fair share of them and I pretty much consider myself a pro. But there are still lessons to learn! I have definitely learned a few lessons along the way. It only takes making the mistake once to learn.

Wear Something Comfortable

You can be comfortable and still look good. Makeup smudges, hair frizzes. Don't fret too much over it before the concert. Loose fit clothes, especially tops, are recommended. Tight clothing gets sticky when you sweat (Yes, you will sweat. A lot.) and no one likes to be constantly pulling their shirt away from their skin. And wear sneakers! You will be on your feet for probably most of the concert. Aching feet and calves are no fun. Plus, don't put it past someone to step on your toes.

It's easier to enjoy the performance if you aren't uncomfortable or worried about the way you look the whole time.

If Allowed, Bring A Waterbottle

The water at the concessions will almost always be way too pricey. Being parched during and after a concert can be brutal. Be sure to check and see if the venue you are going to allows outside containers.

Bring A Buddy

This goes for more than just the concert in general. Don't go to the bathroom, concessions, across the venue to another person, the merch table, outside, or anywhere without another person. You don't know what kind of weirdos are lurking. And you might need someone to hold your phone, or take a picture for you.

Be Prepared

Bring anything you might think you need. Money, portable charger, phone, sanitary products, hand sanitizer (soap is almost always gone), a snack, and something to hold your hair back, if necessary.

Always bring a jacket. If your concert is outside, keep an eye on the weather. And even then, it's still a good idea to bring a jacket. If it's inside, I always bring a jacket because more often than not, the venue is always super chilly right before the concert.

Know The Lyrics

Nothing is more awkward than not knowing the words while surrounded by dedicated fans. One song, that's all I ask.

Get To The Venue Early

Even if you are in an assigned seat, this is important. You're going to want to know where the bathrooms are, where the merch table is, and where the exit doors are located. You can buy merch before it's all sold out. Using the restroom before hand is recommended. If it's an open floor, getting there early will get you a better spot. Getting familiar with the area beforehand will make you more comfortable and make for a better experience.

No Signs

The stage lights will be way too bright for the performer to notice you anyway. You will be blocking someone else's view, which is rude. Don't be that guy.

Get Off Your Phone

It took deleting hundreds of pictures and videos for me to realize that it's not worth it. Snap a photo or two here or there. But you will regret it if you watch the concert through your phone the entire time. Live in the moment. Use the concert as an opportunity to unplug for a while and make a connection with everyone around you. You paid for the concert to watch it with your own eyes, not on a screen.

Splurging and spending money on a concert ticket is always exciting. Just make sure you are smart about it to get the prime experience!

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