Many of us have seen the comedy show Friends and have related to almost all of characters on there, for example, Chandler Bing's awkwardness and Joey Tribbiani's love for food. But there have been times in college that I have felt related to the characters and their circumstances and I'm pretty sure that a lot of you have related if your like me and compare yourself to most of the characters on a TV show that you are obsessed with. Here are 9 times I have felt like some of the characters in Friends.

1. When you don't share food

What's mine is mine. That rule goes for food.

2. When the professor is going too fast and you're trying to gather all of the information

I mean do professers realize that we can't write fast as we can't write as fast as they can talk.

3. When you have three exams, five essays, and a group project due all on the same day

This sucks, especially when you are three hours of sleep.

4. When your friend asks for homework help and you have no idea what's going on

I mean I don't know the answer to this question but I can give you a sarcastic comment that may help ease the stress of not knowing what the homework is all about.

5. When you stress so much that you just don't care anymore

This happens when you stress out 30 times a day to the point where you just don't care.

6. When you finish an exam after 20 minutes and you probably failed but at least you finished

Honestly, when you just want to go home and it's the last exam and you don't even know what the answers are, the best thing to do is guess and hope for the best.

7. But then you realize that you do regret every bad decision that you made

Sometimes making a bad decision and saying you're not going to regret it, actually means you're going to regret it sooner or later and you will hate yourself.

8. Afterwards you realize that you worried for nothing because the damage is done and you can move on

I mean whatever has happened has happened, might as well get over the worry and have fun!