Christmas break is so close we can taste it, but unfortunately, we have one big hurdle left. If working hard all semester isn't enough, we have to sit for a week of exams and try not cry our eyes outs. Here are 8 times Grey's Anatomy perfectly portrayed finals week:

1) When your professors start talking about finals...

2) Soon, you and your friends start to freak out.

3) Your sleeping habits change.

4) And quickly so does your diet.

5) In fact, all you want is food.

4) By the end of the week, your patience dwindles.

5) And you doubt yourself over and over.

6) But you pull yourself together.

7) Until someone asks you how you're doing.

8) But you remember you're so close to a month of vacation, so you rally!

Good luck with finals everyone! Finish the year off strong and enjoy your well-deserved break! And if you have any doubts, use Christina Yang as your inspiration...