8 Times 'Friends' Knew Exactly What It's Like To Be A Writer

8 Times 'Friends' Knew Exactly What It's Like To Be A Writer

So no one told ya the writing process was gonna be this long!


1. You judge everyone’s grammar subconsciously.

You don’t mean to do it, but every grammar error in a text or misuse of a semi-colon in an essay drives you insane. You try your best not to verbally correct it, but sometimes it can't be helped.

2. Your living space is likely covered by a plethora of notebooks and journals.

And don't forget pens and pencils. These are the tools you use whether you're writing something meaningful or just doodling until some kind of inspiration comes to your head so, of course, they'll be all over.

3. When inspiration does come, you have to write it down quickly before it leaves your head.

Ideas come and go and forgetting the wording of a specific phrase is extremely frustrating. Whether you write it down on a paper napkin or on a foggy mirror, jotting things is crucial or you're left feeling like it'd just out of reach.

4. You read something and feel envious of the person who wrote it.

It drives you crazy when you read something so genius, but it didn't come from your pen. I often feel this way when I read F. Scott Fitzgerald's works because he was absolutely incredible.

5. Rereading something you thought was genius when you first wrote it, but then realizing it just isn't.

We've all been there. You wake up and immediately have an idea so you jot it down in your phone notes thinking you've struck gold. Sadly, when you reread it when you're actually awake, none of it makes any sense.

6. The realization that you had plans, but forgot all about them because you were busy writing.

Time to write a really eloquent apology text to the person you had plans with. They'll forgive you because everyone around you knows how much you love to write. (Also, you've worked on persuasive writing for times like these.)

7. When you're too tired to write anything of quality, but you can't make yourself stop writing.

Nothing makes sense anymore and you're too exhausted to think straight. Any sane person would go to bed, but writers are far from sane.

8. When you finally write something you’re really proud of.

You’re always your own biggest critic and so time and time again, you’re disappointed with your work. But because you write all the time, you eventually get something worth sharing with your family, friends, and just about everyone else you meet.

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