It seems like just yesterday we were walking onto campus for freshman orientation. Not much other than finding the buildings our classes were in seemed to worry us at the time, but those were easier days. Now, we find ourselves at the end of our journey, and there are much bigger issues on mind like...

"When did I get so old?"

Someone please tell me when it stopped being 2007, I was no longer in middle school, and I actually had to start growing up and do adult things. It's sometimes strange to think that so much time has passed in what feels like a blink of an eye.

"How do I adult?"

No longer are we coddled over like children. It is now up to us to clean the house, get the groceries, pay the rent, buy a car, get a job, pay back student loans... *cue panic mode*

"What am I going to do with my life?"

Since we were little, life has basically consisted of going to school, going to school, and -- oh yeah -- going to school. And unless you plan on furthering your education beyond a four-year college experience, most of us are going to be done with that soon. We are free. The possibilities of what to do are endless.

"Where am I going to live?"

Do I put on my big kid pants and get my own place or do I beg my parents to let me stay for just another year?

"How am I going to afford being on my own?"

You never realize how good it actually is living with your parents until you are forced to pay for everything on your own. There is no longer that stable financial support, but rather a crippling fear that you cannot actually afford to pay the rent and eat a decent, sustainable meal.

"What if I hate my job?"

Sometimes, even as seniors, we question if we picked the right major. It's usually brought on by that one class we might now have done too great in. That leads us to wonder if we would actually like a job in that career path if we can't even get through a class.

"How can I afford a new wardrobe?"

Running shorts and t-shirts will no longer cut it. We are entering the professional world soon and that means we need professional clothes. In other words, sales are about to become our best friends as we enhance our wardrobe.

"I have no idea what the future holds..."

And that's alright. No one really knows what is going to happen, no matter how much they act like they do. Maybe you do end up in a career different than what you studied. Maybe you do end up having to live with Mom and Dad for a few years longer than originally planned. And maybe you do decide to pursue that Master's degree. But no matter what happens, remember that you still have your whole life ahead of you. Graduating after senior year is only the beginning. The possibilities of what you do with your life are endless.