8 Things You'll Only Understand If You Go To Alabama

Home of 16 national championships and the greatest college to exist, The University of Alabama is completely unique and unbelievably excellent. As much as one wants to think they could get the hang of this college life because they are or have attended a different institution... you can't. However, you can try and I'm going to try and help you out!

Here are 8 things only a UA student would understand.

1. ACT card

This is your lifeline here. Never let it out of your sight.

2. Running out of dining dollars on said ACT card

The gloriousness of Starbucks and Panda Express are too good to resist.

3. The Ferg

The food. The proximity. The entertainment. 10/10 recommend.

4. Supe Store

Not only does it have cute gameday apparel, but it also has everything you could need for classes! Conveniently, it's located next to Starbucks and in the Ferg.

5. The Quad

Need to orient yourself? Make your way to the quad. It's the heart of campus.

6. 4th Quarter

Play for four, stay for four. Amirite or amirite?

7. Rounders/The Strip

These go hand in hand as Rounders makes the strip! Best bar around so they say.

8. B. Phils

THEY TAKE DINING DOLLARS. B. Phils, you're doing amazing sweetie.

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