Don't get me wrong, I love the city I grew up in but there were times when I had no idea where to go or what to do. The city that I'm talking about is Salem, no not the one in Massachusetts, the one in Oregon. A small town where everyone practically knows each other, if not that then they know of them. Living there I always wished for a list that would tell me about the top places to go for whatever I was craving to do that day. Well here is the list I was able to come up with:

1. Salem Capitol

The Salem capital is located downtown in Salem. If you're in town during the spring season, you may either see the flowers blooming or falling(if you go in the fall). This is a perfect time to get some fresh air and some good pics for the gram while you're at it.

2. New York Pizza

This is my to-go place whenever I'm downtown if I want a bite to eat. Other than the amazing pizza, you'll feel as if you're in New York because you'll be sitting on stools and as you eat, you can read the latest New York Time's.

3. Electric Castle's Wunderland

Whether you're 10 or 18, this is a fun place to kick it back with your significant other or a group of friends. Either way, everyone loves to play games so its a win-win!

4. Cue ball

A great place in Downtown Salem to go after having a slice of pizza from New York pizza. Play some pool while listening to some Jams being played by a juke box.

5.Thrift shopping

Me and my friends would always hit up the nearest thrift stores in hope of finding some hidden gems. Not long ago I bought a brand new sweater for $2.

6. Have a rookie photoshoot

You'll be surprised at the camera quality a phone has. I always enjoyed to go downtown and find cute places to take pictures. Whether that be in the bus, against a brick wall or on the streets, it doesn't take much to get a good picture. Just like the picture above, my friend caught be off-guard while we were in the bus.

7. Go on a bike ride

On the nice days of Salem, take out your bike and ride around the streets of Salem. Explore the neighborhoods and do a little bit of fun exercise while you're at it. Just make sure you're wearing sun screen if its during summer!

8. Go star gazing

Go up on a Hill of West or South Salem to go star gazing. Get some donuts and coffee and look up at the sky on a non-cloudy day. Just be careful on the way there, I heard that the roads to get there are not easy ones.

Wherever you end up going in Salem, Just make sure to explore them with friends because those make the most memorable moments.