The series Gilmore Girls has been around for a little while, but it has some pretty timeless commentary. I'd be lying if I said I've never binge watched the show, or re-watched old episodes more than once. There's something about Lorelai and her daughter, Rory, that's contagious. Their relationship is unbreakable and they have taught me a lot about life in general. With that being said, here's eight things that the Gilmore Girls have taught me.

1. Coffee is the cure to any problem.

The Gilmore's drink coffee like it's water, and always turn to it when their day is headed south. I've adapted this strategy, and coffee has become a huge part of my life. Being a college student, I've been hooked on the stuff for a while now, but now I have a better appreciation for the caffeine filled beverage.

2. Don't be afraid to treat yo'self.

Wake up craving a breakfast from your favorite diner filled with eggs, toast, pancakes, and endless amounts of coffee? Don't be afraid to order it all. Sometimes you need to treat yo'self with some good food and better conversation.

3. First impressions of someone aren't always right.

Take Paris and Rory for example. Arch nemeses at first, but then they grow to understand and love each other, no matter how annoyed they may get with one another. Yes, you should trust your gut with certain people, but sometimes it's good to give someone a second chance.

4. A relationship with a 'bad boy' can be damaging.

Jess, I'm talking about you. Personally, I love Jess. He's so underrated, but I can see how he could mess with Rory's mind. He has many layers and isn't willing to break down any of his walls, even though we know Jess loves Rory and Rory loves Jess as well. It's frustrating to see them take one step forward and two steps back as a couple, but it all works out for the best in the end.

5. It's okay when things don't turn out the way you thought they would.

When Rory chose Yale over Harvard, it seemed as though the world was flipped upside down. She had fantasized over attending Harvard ever since she was a young girl, but she decided to go to Harvard's rival school instead. Being open to different opportunities is important because those opportunities mold you as a person and help you grow, which is exactly what happened with Rory.

6. You are your own motivator.

It's a hard fact to accept, but a person will only do something if they truly want to do it. You have to motivate yourself to get things done, and that's difficult when you have so many tempting offers that don't involve school work or extra curricular activities. Channel your inner Rory and set out some time to do school stuff and then enjoy yourself the rest of the time.

7. It's perfectly fine to stay in on the weekends and binge watch your favorite movies.

Lorelai and Rory taught me that binge watching classic movies is sometimes all you need to relax and have fun. Order up some Chinese take-out, plug in your old VCR, and cozy up on the couch while watching Casa Blanca.

8. Your mom will always love you no matter the circumstance.

Remember the huge blow out that Lorelai and Rory had when Rory decided to leave Yale for a bit? Remember how Rory just showed up at Lorelai's house and apologized for everything she'd done? That's how mom's are. They will be forever accepting of you, no matter how bad the blowout may be. It may take some time to get over, but ultimately they want what's best for their children and will always be accepting of you and will provide endless love for you.