At some point in your life, you're either going to work in the restaurant industry or have a close friend who works in the industry. You're going to have to listen to them complain and moan all the time about their job, and you're going to try to convince them that they're better off quitting. They probably won't if they're in college because let's face it - if you get some good tips, your bills can be easily paid with a waitressing job.

I work in a restaurant as a server and most of my best friends are servers, so I think I'm safe from really getting on anyone's nerves with my waitressing antics off the clock. However, if you're already nodding your head in agreement to the above-mentioned word "waitressing antics," you probably will recognize all of the things on this list!

1. You're going to hate going out to eat with us because we will pick on you for asking for extra condiments/drinking your soda too fast and needing a refill, etc.

Don't take us out. If you don't ask for that ketchup, mayo, and mustard right when your order is placed, we're going to tease you endlessly and call you out right in front of our server, so that he or she knows that we're not asking for extra things. We're not needy, unlike you.

2. We are going to want to know what you're leaving as a tip.

Actually, when you're friends with a server you come to understand the value of a dollar and what 20% means. No, $3 on $80 is not a good tip and if we catch you trying to pull something like that we'll definitely correct you. If you can't tip accordingly then you can't afford to eat out. Simple.

3. You're going to be embarrassed to go shopping with us because we'll probably accidentally scream "CORNER!" going around...well, a corner.

I know in my restaurant I have to yell "Corner!" whenever I am turning a corner because it prevents running into someone else who is around the corner. Sometimes I yell it when I mean to say "Excuse me" in a store. So yeah, you're going to be embarrassed by us. Hell, we are embarrassed by us. So sorry in advance.

4. We'll teach you all of the good secret items to order on the menu (at our own restaurant!) when we're serving you.

Whenever my friends come in to sit in my section I always try to make a point of letting them in on some kind of yummy secret concoction that I like to eat myself. For instance, at my job we have honey butter that goes on sweet potatoes. I happen to think it tastes delicious on our bread, so because I love my friends, I treat them. It pays to be friends with a waitress.

5. You'll probably become friends with half of the staff at the restaurant your friend works at.

I can't speak for other servers and other restaurants but I know at mine, we're all super close with each other and hang out a lot during the week, and on the weekends. So if you're with us, you're probably with the rest of the staff. Consider yourself an honorary member.

6. You might end up sitting in the restaurant way after close, waiting on us to finish our side-work and section cleaning.

Make yourself useful. Help us. Pick up a broom and get to sweeping, friend! We appreciate your patience, I promise.

7. If you ever need change in a ton of ones...we've got your back.

I can't tell you the amount of times my friends have asked for change for $50 or even $100 and I've literally been able to hand them 100 dollar bills. One. Hundred. Ones. We have a lot of cash on us, what can I say? It's not fun to go to the bank every day!

8. At least you'll have some funny stories from being friends with us.

We can truly tell you some of the funniest, best, and worst things about the public. Face it, people can be downright rude when it comes to their food! You can be sure that at the end of the day, even if we come to you with complaints, you're probably going to get a laugh out of the stuff we have to put up with at work.