Top 8 Things Only Texans Truly Understand

Shoutout to all the Texans out there! There is no other place I'd rather come from. It is one of the greatest place to live or even visit in the United States. From the culture to the main attractions, and even the food is what makes Texas so distinct. Here's an inside scoop of what it is like living like a Texan.

1. We have a Texas Pledge

Texans are always down to show their pride in everywhere they go. In Texas schools, you can count every day to say the pledge of allegiance following the Texas pledge right afterward. And yes all the students know it by heart.

2. Our love for football is bigger than the state itself.

We are fans of any level of football. From high school to college football, we live, breathe, and watch football like no other state. We gather around stadiums every Friday Night during the high school season and cheer on our favorite teams.

3. Y'all has become part of our vocabulary

Yes, it is true that every Southern has adapted "Y'all" in their language.

4. BlueBonnet Season=Best Season

Bluebonnet is the state flower and they bloom in the Spring. The fields of bluebonnet are such a beautiful sight. It's the perfect scenery to pose in front of. So, you will see all the Texans gather around the flowers with cameras on them.

5. Everything is BIGGER in Texas

It's true of what many people about Texas: "Everything is bigger." Our gas stations are more like markets to out of state people. In New Braunfels, TX the world's largest Buc-ee's opened in 2012. They have 60 gas pumps and a 67,000 square foot store. If you ever have the chance to stop there, make sure to go in and explore around.


We love Mexican food so much that we've adopted our own ways to it and now call it "Tex-Mex". Restaurants in Texas like Tacos Garcia in Amarillo or Fonda San Miguel in Austin are amazing to try out.

7. We measure travel distance through time

When driving in Texas, you can be on the road for hours and hours but still be in the state. Therefore, we like to measure how to get to our destination by time and not miles.

8. Best BBQ out here

You've never had real BBQ until you tried it in Texas. Of course, you can never go wrong with homemade BBQ but places like Salt Lick BBQ just outdo everyone. Especially, briskets are where it's at. But we also love ribs, sausages, pulled pork... you name it.

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