When most people think of a girl with a lot of guy friends, they automatically think she’s promiscuous, or trying to get around the friend group. I want to clear up a few things.

Us girls who are one of the guys still have girl friends, and we still have thriving social lives, but sometimes, we just prefer drinking a beer and watching football. There’s nothing wrong with being one of the guys, and quite frankly, I prefer a night of sports rather than a night of watching "The Bachelor."

1. Guys don’t gossip

Okay, this may not be entirely true, but guys definitely keep gossip out of their lives much more than girls. They may talk about how their one friend never comes around anymore because of the crazy girlfriend, or they just talk about girls in general. Whether they matched with someone new on Tinder or saw “this really hot girl” the other day, the most they talk about is girls and their assets. As one of the guys, constantly hearing things about other girls can be annoying, but you know they are all just putting a front on for their friends and they aren’t as demeaning as they seem.

2. Relationship advice

However, as much as we hate hearing about girls constantly, it is nice to have the guys around for the other men in your life. For times when you don’t know a guy’s intentions or if you’re not quite sure what to say to your man, your guy friends have possibly the best input there is. Our girl friends only have so much to say because they don’t have the mind of a guy. Our guy friends obviously do, so they can step in and help us with any other men in our life.

3. The girlfriends don’t like you

Some girls just don’t understand the relationship you have with your guy friends, and the girls who don’t understand it the most are the girlfriends of your guy friends. They constantly have glares in your direction and don’t talk to you under any circumstances. Not to mention they feel the need to be all over their boyfriend just to prove the point that he is hers and not yours. But you don’t care. You find it funny that she is that protective, because you and her boyfriend are only friends and will probably laugh about how she treats you later.

4. Your boyfriend gets jealous

Just how the girlfriends don’t understand, your boyfriend will never understand either. They think that your guy friends are just waiting for their chance to be with you, and although that sometimes may be true, it usually isn’t. They always say jealousy is the worst trait someone can possess, but reassurance to your boyfriend that the other boys are only friends is all your boyfriend needs.

5. You pick beer over wine

Every girl likes a glass of wine once in a while, but when you’re constantly hanging around the guys, their first choice of beverage certainly is not wine. The guys like to drink beer, and when you’re with them, they offer you beer, so it just becomes one of your favorite alcoholic drinks. The only thing that sucks is the calories in beer versus wine, but you can get over that.

6. There is never a dull moment

Every time I visit my guy friends, there is music playing, there is a game on TV, or they are playing video games--all while drinking. We get the excitement of constant stimulation, jokes, and funny moments you may not get with your girl friends. Guys are a different breed, and they don’t like to take things so seriously all the time.

7. You have people to talk sports with

Girls who hang out with guys tend to like sports as well, and girls who have a love for sports need that conversation, because more than likely, they are not sports fans themselves. If you are like me, you want a few people in your circle who can have an intelligent conversation about sports. It is pretty important.

8. Having protectors

Most of the time the girls who hang with the guys are pretty tough, but not every girl can take the harassment from other guys. Being at a bar or a party and having guys approach you can be nice, but it can also be intimidating. Sometimes having your guy friends swoop in can get in the way, but other times they can save you from very inappropriate situations, and for that I thank them. They start to look at you as their little sisters, and they love you and would do anything for you in a time of need.

Being one of the guys isn’t always a sweet cup of tea. There are still some quirks that can be annoying about constantly being around men, but every friendship is a give and take, and us girls who chose to be one of the guys do it for all the right reasons.

There are a multitude of negative connotations toward girls who tend to hang with the fellas, but I beg you, please stop overanalyzing the saying “I hang out with guys because there is less drama.” Let’s be honest, nine chances out of 10, you won’t find yourself in drama when you are one of the guys, because men don’t really care about anything, and at this age, it is important to keep your life drama free. There are way more things to worry about in life than your girl friend who told you that you looked good in your dress and didn’t really mean it.