8 Things To Thank My Little Sister For
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8 Things To Thank My Little Sister For

Lucky to call my sister my best friend.

8 Things To Thank My Little Sister For
Alana Magro

There’s a thousand different reasons I should be thanking my sister. I should thank her daily, but sometimes I forget to remind her of how amazing she is. Even though she’s my “little” sister, she is someone that I will look up to for the rest of my life. She’s beautiful, brilliant, loving, and I couldn’t be happier to call her my sister. Although I wish to list the many thanks I owe this girl, here are just a few.

1. She always listens.

Regardless of what I need to vent about on any given day, my sis is always there to listen to me talk for hours about how I feel. No judgments being made, just a person who understands me better than anyone.

2. Her trustworthiness.

My sister is my number one secret keeper. I can tell her anything and everything without worrying about others finding out about my personal life. She doesn’t gossip about me, I don’t gossip about her, and we both can always trust each other.

3. Being my best friend.

Whoever my friends were while growing up, she remained my best friend at all times. Hang-outs could range from sitting in our rooms doing hair and makeup or getting all dressed up to have dinner dates. No matter what the event was, it’s never boring with her.

4. Putting up with me.

Nobody gets more props than my younger sister for dealing with my moodiness and off days. She loves me through my happiest of days or the days where I’m upset for no apparent reason. I definitely wouldn’t be able to put up with me, so God bless my sister for being able to do it.

5. Telling me how it is.

She’s great at many things, but sugar coating everything is not one of them. She tells me everything how it is, even if it may sting a little. That being said, all of the best advice I have ever heard comes from my sister. Her honesty is what makes her beyond unique.

6. Understanding my weirdness.

My sister gets me. She doesn’t question any of the odd things I say or do. If anything, she joins my weird ways to make me feel not as left out. And she loves me through it all.

7. Having my back.

She defends me, whether I am right or wrong, and has my back through thick and thin. I cannot think of anyone more loyal to me than my little sister, and I’m eternally grateful for her. It could be as simple as telling mom and dad that I was most definitely home before curfew, or that I finished all of the laundry already. My sister is my knight in shining armor.

8. Looking after me.

Yes, I am the older sister here, and yes, technically I am the one who should be looking after her. I do look after my younger sister, but she never fails to look after me. She always knows my next move and tells me what the better options may be. She reminds me of obligations I have that can completely slip my mind. She knows what I'm thinking before I even think it.

So thanks, little sister. I love you forever and always.

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