1. 'Syllabus week' is a lie

Syllabus week lasted for a solid 20 minutes until the assignments and readings began to take over our lives.

2. Free stuff!!!!

Anything is worth going to if it means receiving free food or a free t-shirt. Because the only thing better than BBQ and mechanical bull rides is free BBQ and mechanical bull rides.

3. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

I think that one is pretty self-explanatory. Everything from eating ice cream from breakfast to skipping class in order to squeeze in a nap.

4. You're always tired. All the time.

No matter how much you sleep or how many cups of coffee you drink, being tired becomes a part of your psyche.

5. Leave your door open

It's a super easy way to make friends and usually, there's an incentive from your R.A (back to the whole free food thing).

6. Doing laundry isn't as easy as it seems

And odds are the WikiHow link won't be helpful either.

7. Everything is expen$ive

You don't know what they mean by "broke college" student until you are a broke college student.

8. College rocks

Last but not least.