8 Things That Happen When Your Relationship Is Centered On Christ
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8 Things That Happen When Your Relationship Is Centered On Christ

I was looking through the book of Numbers, and I realized that I didn't have yours.

8 Things That Happen When Your Relationship Is Centered On Christ
Emily Brown

Whenever I think of Christian couples, I giggle a little in my head. Oftentimes, they are portrayed as awkward, dorky, fanatic people who dance to the beat of their own, far-off drum. While this description isn’t too far from the truth, I wanted to discuss what Christian relationships are really about. If any of the following remind you of your relationship, you’re in for a good time.

1. You share each other's Jesus Jams.

From spitting out some Lecrae to playing the air-banjo for Rend Collective, you have someone to appreciate the message in the music with.

2. You pray together.

They know everything on your heart and that the best way to help you is to pray with you. Praying together brings you closer to each other and closer to Him.

3. You know what real love is.

They love you even more because they know that true love comes in the form of a cross and that they can never love you as much as He does. You’ve seen perfection, and you know that they don’t have it. But, by knowing how much God loves the other person, it makes you love them even more.

4. You're just as weird as other couples--if not weirder.

After all, you have an arsenal of Christian pick-up lines to use on each other that never gets old. “I heard Jesus called you—mind if I do the same?”

5. You don't have to struggle alone.

Whenever you are struggling in your faith, you have someone that is going to understand. Regardless of whether or not they have been through it, they know the adversities of being a Christian—especially in the world we live in. They are your God-given gift to help get you through these times.

6. You have a strong foundation to build on.

You may not have it all figured out, but Christ does. If you have an unbreakable foundation in Him, your relationship will be better off to meet the plans that He has for you.

7. You understand the importance of grace.

Grace is being forgiven when you don’t deserve forgiveness. It is an essential part to a relationship, and the best way to develop grace is to reflect on God’s grace for us. You are both messy humans who make mistakes, and with grace, you will both be more understanding with each other.

8. You have a best friend for life.

Through this life, eternal life, infinity and beyond—they are going to try and love you to the best of their ability. They recognize your value and carry it with them in their heart, always.

Overall, Christ doesn’t make your relationship perfect—but He does make it worth it (too much cheese?). God’s love for you will help you understand each other in a non-earthly way, and that deeper understanding will help you grow together. I pray that this list can help you in some way—whether you are in a Christian relationship or not. I know that my life has certainly been changed by a relationship centered on Christ.

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