8 Things To Ask For Christmas This Year
  1. Something you will never grow out of. I love asking for only a few things that may be on the more expensive end that I will use forever. For example, sunglasses, a new watch or even a purse
  2. An experience. Maybe you have always been dying to go somewhere, in this country or not. Ask for your parents to take you somewhere completely new.
  3. Something meaningful. Maybe you have always wanted to see the nutcracker or you have grown up listening to a certain singer so you ask to go see them in person.
  4. A spa day. Nothing is better than getting pampered for a special occasion.
  5. Gift cards. Love certain stores but don’t want to risk your parents buying something you will not like? Ask for gift cards and treat yourself.
  6. New Electronics. I am constantly hearing about the latest electronics, ask for a little update.
  7. Shoes. Enough said.
  8. A joint gift. Maybe you and your friends want to road trip, or you want to go somewhere with your sibling, see if you can help get the costs covered.
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