8 Symptoms of the Spring Semester Slide

8 Symptoms of the Spring Semester Slide

College students across the nation are experiencing this phenomenon as we speak. These are just a few symtoms.


Students, you know the struggle. This is the week we all try to block from our minds, pretend isn't happening, and simply ignore until it's too late. But here we are, and now, stress and anxiety consumes whatever inner peace we once had. Until the last day of our last final, we might as well be the living dead. For example...

1. Waking up and debating whether you really need to go to your 8:00 a.m.

You haven’t missed your chem lab once, and you know what? Your calculus final requires a well-rested mind and you are going to get more than five hours of sleep at least one night this semester.

2. Skipping all your Tuesday classes because you need a ‘you’ day.

Tuesday is Monday’s evil twin, and sometimes you just don’t have the patience to deal with them. So, time to take a long hot shower, turn on your favorite chill music, and Netflix the day away. You work yourself too hard; treat yo self.

3. Submitting your online homework 6 seconds before it’s due and not giving two sh*ts about it.

That midnight deadline was supposed to be an incentive? HA.

4. Calculating how well you need to do on the final to keep your grade.

Quadratic formula? Pythagorean Theorem? Gibbs free energy? Electrophorese? You will do literally anything to calculate the absolute minimum to keep you from being a *complete* failure.

5. …Then realizing that your grades won’t affect your current GPA because it’s already trash.

All that hard work, and still, that B+ isn’t going to change that 2.0. So how do you fix it? Laughing and/or crying your way through finals, projects, and in-class essays until you can go home and ignore every responsibility you’ve ever had.

6. Wearing the same thing all week because its finals week and no one knows the difference anymore.

Remember the first day of classes your freshman year? When you thought that you could actually be a put together young adult. As of right now, you haven’t showered in three days, you’ve worn the same jeans and T-shirt for the past six days, and you don’t plan on living life any differently until this hell-week is over.

7. Counting the number of classes you have until the last day of the semester.

This is, quite literally, the final countdown. No other stretch of days will ever feel as long as this will.

8. Summer is so, so close, yet so very far away.

There are only a few days left, just over a hundred hours left, but you have a ton of crap to get through, and it feels unbearable. But you know what? You can do it. You, you fabulously capable human being, are going to get through this. And you are going to kick this week in the butt. You got this. Set this week on fire.

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