8 Story Starters to Jog Your Creativity
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8 Story Starters to Jog Your Creativity

Haven't had an idea in ages? Here are a few story starters to write your new novel, or to just get those ideas flowing!

8 Story Starters to Jog Your Creativity
Neil Patel

Writing is one of the best things in the entire world, especially when you have a good idea. The words can just flow so easily, and it's like characters are taking control over your fingers. Though, writing can be extremely difficult if you haven't done it in awhile, and even more difficult when you don't have an idea. So here are 8 story starters, each in a different style, so that you don't have to go through the difficulty of writer's block.

1. Comedy:

A 9-year-old gifted child starts her freshman year of college Yale, her first years of public schooling, and has to navigate her way through Frat Parties, teasing, and a whole lot of alcohol.

2. Romance:

A girl in a small town in Ohio just wants to get away from everything: Her parents, school, her ex-boyfriend, and the town itself. So when she gets the opportunity to fly to Barcelona, Spain, she takes it. Little does she know she boards the wrong flight and ends in Prague, a city that is more haunting than inviting. So as she tries to sort her way through the new city, she can't help but come back every day to the coffee shop with the handsome barista that always seems to be working.

3. Sci - Fi:

A new scientific discovery is made by Wade Tech, a company working for the government. The discovery could help or hurt millions of people around the world, but the government prohibits its release. The different workers of the company become torn on what the item should do, and begin to make a plan to steal it.

4. Mystery:

When a group of people die on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, panic ensues as passengers begin to suspect a serial killer is aboard. However, the crew is oblivious, leaving 3 people to try and find the killer aboard the ship before they get taken out as well.

5. Fantasy:

Atlantis is a secret not many know exist, only the few who inhabit it only know its exact location. But when four teens stumble upon it, they are greeted with a world of magic they never knew existed, and even get to learn some of their own.

6. Western:

The hot summer of 1873 was unbearable to those who visited the small town of Amaritia, Texas. Which is why many sauntered into The Cowpoke, the only bar in Amaritia, to cool off. However what foten went down in the bar could be considered fiction to most, which is why all the barmaids kept a journal of the strange heppenings of The Cowpoke.

7. Historical Fiction:

In Paris during the height of The Reign of Terror a rich aristocrat teams up with the leader of a rebellion to defeat her brother, Maximillian Robespierre.

8. Survival (Inspired by the Fyre Fest Incident):

The Trisland Music Festival was supposed to be the best festival of the year, bringing in over half a million people. But when the festival-goers arrived at the remote island in the Carribean, they found no food, no water, no housing, and a whole lot of armed security workers. The attendees thought it was the worst a festival could get, until they received their task: Take a card, the person on the card you must kill, if you don't comply, you die instead.

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