8 Starbucks Hacks Any Coffee Lover Should Try

Who doesn't love starting off the day with a cup full of coffee? Coffee is known to have many health benefits. Not only is a source to wake you up but also a good source of antioxidants. The next time you are wanting coffee, be sure to make a trip to Starbucks. They serve a variety of coffee options along with pastries and desserts. For all those Starbucks fans or newbies out there, here are some hacks to try out the next time you stop by.

1. Ice Caramel Macchiato


The ice caramel macchiato is a popular drink year round. They mix vanilla, milk, ice, and espresso together. Then, to top it off they drizzle the drink with caramel syrup. It may seem delicious but it can be pricey. For a Venti, it costs $5.25. Try to switch to an ice caramel coffee with milk. It tastes similar and you will be saving money and calories.

2. Protein+Espresso Shots


Next time you are looking for a protein boost and craving Starbucks order two espresso shots. Then, add Premier Protein drink or any protein shake of your choice. This gives you the caffeine while also adding more protein into your system.

3. Try Adding Something New!


Spice up your black ice coffee by adding honey instead of sugar. This will make the drink a little bit sugary but honey is healthier than straight up sugar. It doesn't hurt to try adding something new to make your regular order different!

4. Sweet Tooth


This hack is for the ones who have a sweet tooth! Take your dessert to the next level by ordering a banana but bread and ask for whipped cream in a cup. If you would like to make it more sugary, ask for caramel drizzle and chocolate syrup. Layer the whipped cream on top of the banana bread and enjoy. Next time, try it with a brownie to mix it up!

5. Iced White Chocolate Mocha


Another tip of saving money is to order an iced coffee Americano with two pumps of white mocha sauce. It tastes similar to an Iced White Chocolate Mocha and you get to save $1.40.

6. Make a Meal


A great aspect of Starbucks is that they also sell food. You can count on them to fill your hunger by making a satisfying meal. Order a chicken and double-smoked bacon panini. Then spread some avocado spread.

7. Indecisive of what to get?


Not sure what drink will hit the spot? No worries, Starbucks always has your back. Not many customers know this but if you don't know about a brew or drink try asking for a sample. Most of the time they would be happy to let you try something before buying. As long as the store isn't busy give it a try the next time you aren't sure of what to order.

8. Chai Tea Latte


You can never go wrong with a Chai Tea Latte. Sipping on black tea with cinnamon, clove, steamed milk seems so relaxing. But it won't be relaxing to see your bank account going down due to how expensive one drink can add up over time. Try ordering chai tea with milk and a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup for the same taste but lower price.

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