The 8 Stages Of Grieving Chipotle's Absence While Studying Abroad
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The 8 Stages Of Grieving Chipotle's Absence While Studying Abroad

The 8 Stages Of Grieving Chipotle's Absence While Studying Abroad

If you're like me, a college kid, with a Chipotle just down the road from your school, then you will probably agree with me when I say Chipotle is bae — Chipotbae. And all you fellow Rochester students, it's is certainly not Dfo, am I right? It's the place to go with friends, to eat your stress in a bowl of deliciousness and a place to try to get your coach or club to cater for the next group meal. But there comes a time when the two of you must part — study abroad. Here's the seven stages of missing Chipotle when you go abroad.

1. Free Burrito Day

Suddenly your phone is blowing up with free burrito codes and there is nothing you can do about it. It is a sad day when there is Chipotle being given out and you can't participate. You try to ignore them, denying that you miss Chipotle.

2. Bad day food

When you're having a bad day, a good day, or anything in between, Chipotle is always there for that good, but not anymore. Now what are you supposed to eat? Whatever comfort food your new country makes? You just want to go into a happy food coma, is that too much to ask? But you find something else to get you through the day.

3. Chipotle never gets old

A few too many meals of fish and chips makes you reminisce of the days when you could eat Chipotle every day in a week and still enjoy it.

4. You miss meeting friends at Chipotle

Chipotle was the place to see friends you already have and make new ones.

5. Margaritas substitute Mexican food cravings

You start to miss Chipotle, so you look for margaritas to fulfill those cravings for Mexican. That becomes a problem because 1) margaritas are hard to find or 2) they cost as much as a burrito normally would.


6. Overpriced Guac?

You'd pay double just to have a little taste of that dip and chips right now.

7. The Ingredients

There's something about the ingredients that just make them irresistible. No matter what other Mexican food restaurant you attempt, Chipotle is the best. Everything else tastes cheap, bland, unhealthy, dried out, etc. Chipotle's rice is moist and flavorful, the meat is perfectly seasoned, the vegetables are a nice added bonus, the cheese melts well, the guac is fresh and OH MUH GAHHD, those chips! It's like the last time you tasted the savory goodness was yesterday, but really it was so far away.

8. Replace Chipotle?

Ha, as if! To say you like Qdoba or Moe's better than Chipotle is unacceptable. So when you try a Mexican place to get that near-Chipotle experience, you are sadly mistaken. Chipotle is irreplaceable.

So you'll continue to see the snapchats, gets the texts, miss the perfectly seasoned food and guac and count down the days until you will be reunited.

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