8 Situations Anyone Working In A Deli Will Recognize
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8 Situations Anyone Working In A Deli Will Recognize

For all those meat baggers and cheese stackers.

8 Situations Anyone Working In A Deli Will Recognize
Sweet Potato Chronicles

Working in a deli is an experience all its own. You're not exactly a retail worker, but also not exactly a "restaurant employee." However, at the same time you pick up the experiences of both. While it's not the most common job in the world, there are certain things that the people that bag your meat can all relate to. The job isn't for the feint of heart or soul or the "elderly intolerant." This article showcases eight quotes and situations that will make every deli worker roll their eyes.

1. When a customer comes in before you're open...

and then demands you help them with a $100 order. These customers are apt to say "oh I didn't realize you weren't open yet, how come you're helping me?" every single week. They get annoyed if their item of choice hasn't been unwrapped or cut yet, and make jokes on how you need to wake up. Yeah, because me being sleepy is because I am a bad worker, and has nothing to do with you coming in two hours before we are open.

2. "Well, I'm a regular and I always buy that product!"

This is not only said by customers you have never seen, but always about a product you haven't sold in over a year. Sometimes it's an item that is so long gone, you have never even heard of it. These customers tend to get really upset and tell you that they're not coming back until their favorite meat comes back in stock.

3. "The deli in the next town over has this item for half the price!"

Look, we don't make the prices. If it wasn't for the little tags, most of us wouldn't even know the prices. We are not here to trick you out of money, and your direct purchase doesn't really affect our pockets as workers. If you are so satisfied with the prices in that other deli, then shop there. However, we can assure you that there is a reason that our meat is so much more expensive, and that reason is quality.

4. "Can you go refill my milk?"

Occasionally you encounter that customer who hasn't really thought about what happens at the deli. For some reason, they think that you have a cow in the back to refill their milk jug with. This is the same customer who thinks "buffalo style cheese" comes from buffalo milk, and that you churn the tubs of butter each night. They're good for a laugh, even if they want to argue that they are correct.

5. When a customer tries to order an Italian Hoagie with extra cheese and...

No. We're a deli, not a hoagie shop. If you do not see a bunch of rolls and lettuce in my immediate vicinity, I cannot make a sandwich for you. We do not care if you "just want.." we physically can't.

6. When a customer changes their order after you charged their card.

You now have to spend the next ten minutes not only voiding their card but completely putting back everything they just bought. Then you have to get everything they want instead while they huff around like it is your fault this transaction is taking so long.

7. Why don't you smile every once in a while?

This is 99% of the time a customer who has just insulted you or has been very rude. In their mind, you have to be peachy no matter what they do. They often refer to themselves as "everyone's favorite customer" and will not hesitate to let you know that they are a regular. Their approach elicits groans from every worker and drawn straws to see who has to wait on them.

8. The phone call customer

You want to believe that they are just asking their husband what they need to buy. You want to believe that it's a really important phone call, but the minute you need a clarification on their order and they ignore you to tell Becky all about herself, your heart drops. This is the transaction that takes twice as long as necessary and gains both you and your customer glares from the people still waiting for their turn.

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