8 Signs That You Can't Cook
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8 Signs That You Can't Cook

It happens to the best of us.

8 Signs That You Can't Cook

A stereotype exists within our society that's a bit overused and I personally don't resonate with. Yes, the stereotypical housewife is one that women have often aspired to be, and men often seek out in their partners. If you know me at all, you know that I can't cook anything beyond a bowl of cereal, and my talents pretty much extend to all things microwavable. Throughout my eighteen years of living, I have noticed within myself some telltale signs that I can't cook, and I bet a good portion of you have noticed these signs within you, too.

1. You forget that there are options on the stove other than high.

Picture this: you decide that you're going to venture out of your culinary comfort zone and attempt to make pancakes for breakfast. You want them done as quick a possible, so you set the temperature on your stove to high, because your logic tells you that if the stove is warmer, the pancakes will be done faster. You end up with pancakes so burnt on one side, you can't even flip it to the other side. It probably would've helped to just set the stove to medium heat, but hey, that's what all day breakfast restaurants are for.

2. Your family turns off the smoke detectors when you enter the kitchen.

This has actually happened to me, and I wasn't even going to touch the oven. I was going for the microwave.

3. You watch Food Network incessantly.

You would think that the people who turn into food network would be people who are super talented with food and want to broaden their skill set. It's more likely that the avid watchers of "Barefoot Contessa" and "The Pioneer Woman" are actually so fascinated with these people's ability to cook, because they can barely boil water.

4. You have take out numbers in your contact list, and they know you by name.

The day my life changed was when I called to order a pizza and the guy that answered the phone greeted me by name.

5. You're in charge of cleaning up after dinner instead of making dinner.

Your family would rather you clean up the mess than cause an explosion in the kitchen, and who could really blame them?

6. You're the butt of a lot of "How will you ever find a husband?" jokes.

I mean, it is 2016, so I'll just marry someone who loves takeout or who doesn't mind doing the cooking.

7. You need a detailed grocery list.

When your mom sends you to the grocery store, she has to explain her list because you don't know the difference between zucchini and cucumber, or cabbage and lettuce.

8. If you ever wanted to take a cooking class, it would need to be a "beginning to be a beginner" class.


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