8 Signs You're Overly Emotional
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8 Signs You're Overly Emotional

You feel everything, and that's okay.

8 Signs You're Overly Emotional

Emotions are something that everyone has whether they care to admit it or not. There are people who put on a brave face but are emotional behind closed doors, and there are people that show emotion 24/7 no matter where they are or who they are with, and they can't just turn it off whenever they feel like it. An extremely emotional individual feels everything, all at once, at full force. There are several aspects that are unique about an openly emotional person, if you are one then you definitely can relate to these.

1. You feel what your loved ones feel, and it sometimes drains you.

You find yourself being upset when those that are close to you are upset, you then take on their emotions and it feels rather draining every now and then.

2. You cry when you are sad, mad, and even happy.

This is the most frustrating thing to you because crying is generally a sign of sadness for most people, and you cry at every emotion so it is often confusing if there are others around you.

3. You care about people you don't even know that well.

You can get individuals to open up to you about things they usually wouldn't open up about within an hour or less of meeting them.

4. You find yourself overthinking way too often.

You know that most of the time there is always something bigger going on, and that causes you to over analyze everything.

5. Your intuition is way too accurate.

You might as well call yourself psychic because you predict way too many things that happen.

6. You are great at reading people and what they are feeling.

You pay attention to body language instead of just paying attention to what they are telling you.

7. People come to you for advice more often than others.

Your friend group and even people you aren't that close with anymore come to you for advice because you are a great listener and give honest feedback.

8. You need your alone time.

Being emotional is draining, and sometimes you just need some time to yourself to relax and get away from other people and what they are feeling in order to focus more on what you are feeling.

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