If there's a show you're looking for to lose your sh*t over, then 'Scandal' is for you. It's the show that you either are all in or not. You either get it or you're over it, love it or leave it, or in this case, never binge it on Netflix. But if you're not, you better jump on that bandwagon real quick!

It's been recently announced that 'Scandal' will be ending after seven stressful, but great seasons. This news came about while I was in the midst of starting this journey, so you can imagine my great dismay at this tragic news. I'm currently in the midst of season four, and my tongue cannot be held for much longer as I have come to realize I feel I am in the minority opinion on this titillating series.

1. Mellie may or may not be, but definitely is the actual hero of the show.

She literally gives up everything for everyone and gets nothing in return! She gave up her whole life for Fitz to be president and yet he questions her loyalty to him constantly. It’s maddening. Only now four seasons later is she finally taken legitimately for the political force she is. She’s cunning, smart, and witty, and sometimes frankly I prefer her over Olivia when she’s being clueless.

2. Jake Ballard is a way better option than Fitz any day.

In all my time that I have heard about 'Scandal', no one has ever mentioned Jake Ballard to me! It’s insane to me why he was never put on my radar, especially when he is clearly a better option than Fitz. He makes his feelings known, protects Olivia, and when he was in command at least we were in good hands. Yes, he has flaws of course but unlike Fitz he owns up to them and he isn’t nearly as creepy with his whole “You want me, business”.

3. Olivia is better off on her own.

Though her “I choose me” business was at the pinnacle of cheesiness, she really just needs to commit to that entirely. Her deciding she wants Fitz and Jake and not willing to make a decision about it is not a choice, sweetie. Especially because she clearly likes Fitz more than Jake for some reason so it really is pointless. And since the idea of Olivia and Fitz being together fulltime is inevitable, but boring, I really would love a world where she’s just a badass with no strings and an endless slew of lovers instead of one. Alas, we will never be so lucky to see such a case.

4. Cyrus and James had one of the unhealthiest relationships ever.

And that’s saying something on this show. Though one of the more charming and entertaining couples, they were toxic at best. They literally got a child so Cyrus could get James off the trail f some shady White House business. They then blackmailed each other into staying married to one another! There’s love and then there are lies, that easily made this relationship unravel. And while James’ death was tragic, Cyrus had such a hand in orchestrating it. His shadiness only made James’ demise inevitable.

5. Fitz is a terrible president.

Yes, he has moments when he pulls it together. Yes, he created a presidency where remarkably there are stricter gun control laws, acceptance of gay marriage, and so on and so forth. But most of the time he is really dropping the ball. He drops everything including I don’t know running a nation to have a secret tryst with Olivia. He gets it on with her in the Oval Office after he has been made president. He literally declares war on East Angola to get Olivia back! He can’t even figure out how to have a stable romantic relationship, it’s amazing he made it to a second term.

6. Olivia’s parents are monsters incapable of redemption.

In one corner, we have Maya, one of the most wanted terrorists in the nation who faked her own death and abandoned Olivia at a very young age. In the other, we have Rowan, the former command of B613 where he spent his time torturing and killing thousands while also never telling his only daughter the truth about him or his mother. There are moments where we see the show talk about how much they love her or want to be a family, and it never ends up being true. They’re both extremely selfish, and only worried about their own happiness. They care about Olivia when it’s convenient for them, not her. But both great actors BTW.

7. There is no such thing as a finite, happy relationship in this world.

Every couple on this show is a mess. We have Olivia and Fitz, then Olivia and Jake, then Olivia and Fitz again, and rinse and repeat which is already enough of a headache. There are Mellie and Andrew which turned out to be a disaster, and now she’s got nothing. Cyrus and James, and then Cyrus and Michael which will probably work out somehow and be adorable because he is a gorgeous Matthew McConaughey knock off. Quinn and that cute journalist from season one, then Charlie, then Huck (?!) like what a train wreck. And don’t even get me started on how it’s literally just for the sake of drama that Abby and David aren’t together. The two surely will be on again sometime soon.

8. Wine and popcorn don't really seem like a perfect match.

This is perhaps the most puzzling mystery of the whole show. How did this taste of Olivia’s come up? Is it some sort of inside joke with Kerry Washington or Shonda Rhimes? I would rather stick with the wine and pair it with some of those Gettysburg burgers they’re always ordering, or hell just the wine. Why we gotta bring popcorn into this? Mindboggling.