8 Reasons You Should Get A Tattoo
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8 Reasons You Should Get A Tattoo

And one why you shouldn't.

8 Reasons You Should Get A Tattoo

Maybe you're thinking about getting a tattoo, and that's an important thing. Each time you get something affixed to your body, it is important that it means something to you personally. Here are eight reasons to get a tattoo and one reason you definitely shouldn't.

The reasons you should:

1. You feel you need to shout something to everyone you've ever met

I have to give this one to the artist of my third tattoo, Rob. However, he put my feelings into words. This is his way of explaining to people why he has tattoos. It's hard to explain this to other people, but people who have tattoos can understand.

2. You want to raise awareness about something that is important to you

This is (part of) the reason for my third tattoo. Though autism affects one in 68 children in the United States, I still wear my love tattoo for my youngest brother because I think his (and everyone's) stories deserve to be heard.

3. You have one image that you use as screen savers/backgrounds/cover pictures

This might be something that falls into other categories, but if you love to stare at this image everyday on electronic devices, you might want to carry it around with you.

4. You have wanted one for months/years

I got my first tattoo at 18 and a half, but I wanted it when I was 14. I thought about it for four and a half years before I actually went to get it. I'm so glad I waited, because in that time I changed it to something that was very personalized and something I am proud to wear.

5. You want to honor someone you know and love

This is the other reason I have my third tattoo. My brother is an amazing human being and I am proud to carry around a constant reminder of him. It starts great conversations with new people and I get to brag about him incessantly.

6. You have had a major life event that impacted your growth as a person

This is the reason for my second tattoo, and though it is a solemn reason, I am proud to have it be a part of my healing and growth. This could also be things such as the birth of a child or an illness you've overcome.

7. You love one thing more than you love anything else

Music might have been a big part of your life growing up, or you might love God(s) more than anything else. Tattoos are a great way to always carry a reminder of what you love with you.

8. You live your life by a certain motto or phrase and you want to wear it externally

This is the reason for my first tattoo. I live by the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by faith, not by sight." I live my life having "walk by faith" tattooed (in French) on my foot. It is a constant reminder to have faith in something I can't see.

The reason you shouldn't:

1. Someone/something is pressuring you into it

Tattoos are something you have to live with for your whole life. If you're not 1000 percent (and yes, I do mean 1000) sure about it, then you should not get it. Laser removal doesn't completely help and coverups can make it worse if you don't want it in the first place.

If no one is pressuring you and you've given it a lot of thought as to placement and design: you have my blessing. Wear your ink proudly, and don't be scared of the pain.

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