8 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Best Friend
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8 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is YOUR Best Friend

No one can ever, ever come close.

8 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is YOUR Best Friend
Victoria Renfroe

Whether you met your best friend the day you were born or last month, they mean the absolute world to you. No one can replace. No one can compare. No one can ever, ever come close.

1. They will always listen to you whine and complain over that one thing that never goes right.

We've all been here. It's the —

"But I miss him!"

"Why? I hate him!"

— conversation. They only hate them because they hurt you. Regardless of their own opinion, they will always be the one to listen to your problems every single time. They care more than they can show you.

2. They tell it like it is.

I know I've had countless conversations with my best friend that ended up in some serious tough love. Your best friend isn't worried so much about how they say it, but what they say. If you need to hear the truth, they will tell you. They won't hide anything from you. There is absolutely nothing that goes unsaid.

3. They fit into your family like family.

They show up at your house when you aren't even there. They sit and talk to your mom for hours after you've gone to work. You start to think if your family likes them better than they like you. Let's be honest, they do sometimes. Who couldn't adore that one person who's always there for you?

4. They would do absolutely anything for you. Anything.

They will punch that ex in the face and bring you ice cream afterward. They'll drive you around for a week when your car messes up. They'll buy you dinner when you leave your wallet at home and not make you pay them back.

5. Your favorite memories always include them.

You're always laughing. You're constantly being spontaneous. You just can not help but make some insane memories when you're with each other. From road trips to late-night adventures, they are always your partner-in-crime.

6. They always want what's best for you.

This one ties into the tough love topic. They are your outside eyes of every situation and will never let you make that wrong decision — if they can help it. When they can't help it, because you are just way too stubborn...

7. ...they will always be there to pick up the pieces.

They can not control you no matter how hard they try, and they know that. When you do end up hurt, sad, disappointing, they will always be there for you. They are your shoulder to cry on and source of happiness.

8. They love you unconditionally.

... And they'll never let you doubt it.

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