8 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Emory University
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8 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Emory University

*cue Spooky Scary Skeletons music*

8 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Emory University
Emory Wheel

Now that I'm a fully enrolled freshman and Questbridge Scholar at Emory University, I just can't stop gushing about my (future) alma mater! The choice I made to apply was probably the best I've ever made, academically and socially. I've made a ton of friends ALREADY, and I haven't even started yet! And now that I'm mentoring rising high school seniors as they go about their college application process, I have absolutely no shame when it comes to bragging about Emory! :D

So here we go! Here are ten reasons why everybody should apply to Emory University.


Being located in the Druid Hills section of DeKalb County, Georgia, the location throws the university into the bubbling hub that is ATLANTA. The area is filled to the brim with amazing opportunities, attractions, and raving eats, the World of Coca-Cola (pictured above), the CNN building and the Georgia Aquarium (the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere!) being just a few prime examples.

Plus, the area is smattered with internship opportunities ranging in business to film to international opportunities to health-care! Moral of the story: you can't go wrong with Atlanta.

2. Choose between a research campus or a liberal arts campus.

It's true – Emory is widely known as an established research university. But did you know that they have a campus just for liberal arts, too?

The Oxford College of Emory University is a 2-year residential college that focuses on liberal arts education. When you apply to Emory, you get the choice to apply to both the main campus in Atlanta (which is research-based) and Oxford!

Don't worry--the quality of the education is just as great at Oxford as it is at the main campus! The difference is the campus feel. You like a small, close-knit, intimate college experience?

Oxford is the one for you! If you crave the bigger university experience, the Atlanta campus is there for you. Want both? If you get accepted into Oxford, you immediately matriculate to the main campus after two years! It's a win-win no matter how you slice it!


If you're an anxious STEM student who is keen on headed on the pre-med, pre-health, or any other STEM field track, listen up!

Emory is renowned for its pre-med and health programs. So much so that if you attend Emory, everyone automatically assumes you're going to be a doctor (LOL). This is probably bolstered by the fact that Emory has its very own hospital on campus, which has been ranked by US News as the best hospital in Atlanta just recently! Landing a shadowing position just got 100000x easier.

Plus, the chemistry department on campus is strong, ranked 35th in the nation by US News. The Emory School of Medicine has a TWO PERCENT acceptance rate; Emory pre-med students are for real.

Not into that kind of science? Well, worry not! Another perk of being in Atlanta is that the CDC, or Center for Disease Control, is nearby! So much so that the CDC has its own base on campus. It's every aspiring toxicologist's dream come true :) And you better believe Emory students can apply for positions there, too!


Us Emory kids are HUGE fans of Coca-Cola! (After all, the World is right there!) We have an awesome tradition on campus where incoming freshman, during orientation, share a coke toast with the Emory's President and each other to celebrate their coming to campus and future success! It's a memorable moment made even better with a great soda.

NO PEPSI ALLOWED. You've been warned <3

5. Meet Dooley.

Emory's official mascot is the lovable Swoop the Eagle. But have you met Dooley?

Dooley is Emory's unofficial mascot, often referred to as "The Lady of Misrule". Dooley's job on campus is to make sure that everything is a little bit vigorous and unpredictable, and us Emory students love her. If you're lucky enough, during Dooley's week, Dooley may visit your class and just cancel it! Yup, she has the power to do so. Not only that, but who doesn't love a spoopy scary skeleton? (I'm sorry I had to okay)

Dooley's been a part of Emory since 1899, and we couldn't imagine life at Emory without her!

6. You CAN afford it.

Yes, Emory may be a top private school (ranked 20th best national university by US News!), but that doesn't mean you have to pay like it's one.

No matter what your financial background, Emory is committed to meeting 100 percent of demonstrated financial need. An average financial aid package at Emory (main campus) is $42,277. That's a lot of dough! Plus, Emory is a Questbridge partner, meaning it's even more welcoming towards students who come from low-income backgrounds.

Yes, a top education at a highly-ranking facility IS possible...at Emory!


Need I say more?

8. You will find yourself here.

Whether it be during Wonderful Wednesday as you chow down on free cookies in Asbury Circle, or during a group lecture in your neurology class with your favorite professor, or while doing community service with puppies, you really will discover your passions here. And we'll help you get there. Us Emory students know how to work hard and play hard. And we're here to take you along for the ride!

And that's that! This has to be the longest article I've ever written here, for sure!

THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER THINGS I COULD HAVE SAID, but I decided to capture the most obvious and noticeable things. But hey, you could see them for yourself...if you apply. :)

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