Oh, the sophomore slump… I’m out here trying my best but I’m kind of over it all. I’ve heard people talk about this forever, but never thought I’d be here writing about it. So here are eight times the sophomore slump has been too real this school year.

1. When you actually have to do the reading for a class

There’s no skipping the reading or skimming it later — it’s crunch time and if you don’t read ahead of time you’re going to not have clue when class rolls around.

2. Actually going to the library and getting it all done

Almost impossible? I don’t know about y’all but I’ve been reading the same page in my textbook for an hour ????

3. Thinking about finals

I’m already having bad dreams about it and it’s barely a month into the semester. There’s no more take home finals at this point and I’m really just hoping for a 30-page research paper or a project I’m supposed to spend 25 or more hours working on.

4. Questioning your major

I mean I’m this far? JK because I love Political Science so much !!! Maybe my minor?? COMM majors are EXTRA — not sorry about this one.

5. You look like a mess

Was I cuter last year?

6. Not seeing your friends as frequently

Everyone has a job and moved off campus.

7. #Adulting

None of your relatives are sending you care packages, and you definitely don’t have anything figured out. RIP.

8. Just everything

You feel like the awkward middle child and you do not know what to do…

Honestly, there’s such a misconception about college and having it all figured out by the second year. Change your major, switch up your friends, join greek life or get involved in an organization — literally, do it all. I don’t have it all figured out and I probably won’t for a while, but who cares? Find new people you like if your friends are being a bunch of poonickels and for crying out loud change your major if you don’t like it!