I'm sure by now a great amount of the population watches the hit tv show known as Grey's Anatomy, but I know quite a few people who don't. Every time I ask someone if they watch and they tell me no all I can say is how could you not? It took me only a few short months to binge watch the first entire 11 seasons during part of my freshman year at college and after just the first few episodes I was hooked, I know that I get very attached to my shows and this show is one to easily get attached too. I decided to make a list of 8 reasons why people should watch Grey's Anatomy, but in all honesty there's probably about 100 more reasons I could also list.

Reason 1: The characters relationships

When you watch this show, it'll make you wish that you had a close relationship with people like how they do. It's true and real and honestly in this generation that's hard to find nowadays.

Reason 2: Mcdreamy, Mcsteamy, Alex Karev, and Jackson Avery.

I mean c'mon, they are gorgeous, why wouldn't you want to watch a show where you get to see these men in it?

Reason 3: The emergency disaster scenes

If you can stomach blood then these scenes are pretty cool. It wouldn't be cool in real life too see but it leaves you on the edge of your seat and it's always a thrill, and those types of scenes make the best shows.

Reason 4: The drama

We all may hate drama in real life but who doesn't love watching it? We do have to admit that we get hooked on watching it.

Reason 5: Meredith and Derek's relationship

There relationship is true love, they go through everything, and no matter what they never leave each other's side, and honestly it's one of the best relationships on this show.

Reason 6: Cristina Yang's famous moments and lines

Cristina Yang is by far the most brutally honest person on this show, and the things she does and says are pretty hilarious.

Reason 7: The brutal honesty the show gives

Like said before Cristina is definitely the most brutally honest, but all the characters are. In real life people aren't like that, and truthfully it's fun to watch.

Reason 8: You will get so hooked, you will wish to become a surgeon

Everyone who has watched Grey's Anatomy before can agree to the fact that the show has definitely at one point made them wish to become a surgeon. You get so hooked on seeing all the cool things that they get to do, and you become to love that type of scene.

If you have never watched Grey's before, I suggest you do. Trust me you won't regret it, and if somehow you do, well I don't know how you could.