8 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Dad
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8 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Dad

#1. There are no “steps” between us.

8 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Dad
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Dear Daddy,

I thank God for you every day. He blessed me far beyond what I could have ever hoped for in a father. You have taught me some much in my 20 short years of life, and I appreciate every lesson you have offered me.

1. There are no “steps” between us.

As a 19-year-old young man, my dad CHOSE to be “my daddy." At two years old, I asked my teenage mother’s boyfriend to be my daddy, and I am so thankful he said “Yes." Since that day, I have never referred to him as my “step-dad” because that is not what he is. He is my DAD, no steps necessary. Unless you know my family intimately, you would have no idea that he and I are not biologically related (except I am a lot paler than he is). He loves me just the same as he loves each of the nine other children he and my mother created together. It takes a special man, especially at the young age he was, to accept and love a child that is not his own. I am beyond thankful that my dad is one of those special men.

2. He is the perfect example of a loving husband.

No one is perfect and no couple has the perfect marriage, but the way my dad loves my mom is perfect. After 17 years of marriage, he still looks at her like it’s the first time. All odds were against them in the beginning. How could he have a successful relationship with someone who already had a young daughter from a previous relationship? Daddy knew that my mom and I were a package deal. He accepted that, and because of his love for my mom, he ignored all the negativity and dared to love us both. Since then, he has never ceased loving us. Because of his incredible love for my mother, I know what I want in a relationship and I will not settle for less.

3. He is hardworking.

It is no easy task to support a family of 11, especially at a job that relies heavily on physical labor. My daddy works his butt off every day to ensure that our family’s needs are met and that we are comfortable. Growing up, no matter how tight money was, we never lacked shelter, food, clothing or love. We made the most of what we had and that was mostly due to Dad’s creativity. We took ordinary things and turned them into toys or games. There was not a day growing up that he came home from work and didn’t check on my mom and us. He has always been willing to talk, play or comfort any of his children even after his longest, most frustrating days at work

4. He is open and honest.

Never once have I doubted anything he has told me. I will admit that he convinced me that the sky was purple once (I was three), but hey, sometimes the sky is purple, so I forgive him. Part of the reason our bond is so strong is because he is truthful. When others thought I should not know something because I was “too young" even though it affected my life, he would tell me anyway. He would word it carefully so I could grasp the full meaning, but never sugarcoated it. He continues to do this with myself and my siblings. He takes the time to talk to each of us and ask about our struggles. He does his best to counsel us through them while also admitting when he is unsure of the correct way to do so.

5. He reads people and situations well and gives some of the best advice.

Throughout my life and the lives of my siblings, many people, friends especially, have come and gone. My dad has this incredible sixth sense of knowing the intentions of others and their actions. Many times over, he has prevented us from enduring heartbreak at the hands of our friends by deciphering their harmful objectives. He has also helped many of my friends, and myself, realize our own aspirations and encouraged us to chase our dreams. Daddy always says, “Don’t worry about what anyone else wants; figure out what you want and do it.” He has instilled in me the belief that I can achieve anything as long I work for it.

6. His sense of humor.

One thing I have learned from him is that life is all about perspective. Nothing should be taken too seriously. He has a talent for coming up with outrageous jokes, as well as lighthearted statements to lighten awkward situations. As a young person with an anxiety disorder, it is important to have someone in my life that can help to ease tensions in just about any situation. He has stepped into a particularly anxiety-ridden situation and made it easier for me to engage, time after time.

7. He taught me how to fish.

Anyone who has ever attempted to fish knows that it takes time, persistence and most of all patience. It also takes a willingness to get dirty and touch what most little girls viewed as gross, slimy fish. Through our fishing expeditions, I gained patience, tenacity and an attitude that allows me to get things done no matter how much I dislike them (like skinning catfish).

8. He loves me like I love him.

I have lost count of how many times someone has said "I'm surprised you have such a good relationship,considering he isn't your "real" dad." Excuse me, he IS, in fact, my REAL dad. Blood does not constitute who you get to share a relationship with. That type of logic baffles me. How do you think adoption works if you believe I shouldn't have such a loving relationship with the man who raised me? Doesn't make much sense. Thankfully, my dad sees this the same way and has shut down others who regard me as "not really his."

So Dad,

Thank you for recognizing that I needed a father who would consistently love me and your willingness to fill those shoes. You have given me the wisdom and strength to not only achieve but to master my dreams.

I love you.

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