There's a trend sweeping the nation from tweens to twenty-somethings: The Finsta. In Instagram's latest update, the company has made it even easier to switch between 2 accounts, so if you didn't have a finsta before because you were too lazy to sign in and out of it, this is now your chance to join the band wagon. If you don't know what a finsta is, you either live under a rock, or simply have better things to do with your time. If it's the latter good for you, but let the rest of us enjoy our petty fun. A finsta is a fake-instagram account that people hold separately and often more privately than their normal, public accounts. People of the internet world, here's a list of reasons you and your friends probably have finstas:

***Everything below is from my/my friends real finstas and group chats! Enjoy silly people of the internet! Please don't hate, just appreciate.***

1. To Post Embarrassing Pictures of Yourself

it makes you and all your close friends you let follow this private account laugh. You might even break 11 likes with a really ugly one! Finsta isn't about the likes, but breaking 11 with only 30 followers feels all kinds of good.

2. To Post Embarrassing Pictures of Your Friends

Middle school was a dark, dark time for some. Shed some light on that awkward moment in history! Your friends will love it. (if they have a good sense of humor)

3. To Stalk your Crush, Ex's New Girlfriend, etc. Without them Knowing Who You Are

I even love middle school you!! I'd tell ya in person but my finsta expresses my feelings better than I ever could.

4. For Therapy

I've seen many finstas featuring ugly criers. Get it out guys!! Real tears on a fake insta account can help make for some real progress in your emotional life/working towards a healthier mind set. Don't keep things inside, make fun of yourself on your finsta!

5. To Post All the Non-Insta-Worthy Pics that are Funny but Not Good Enough to Post on Your Real Insta

I know it looks like a cute, fun pic at first, but girl you've looked better.

6. To Be Weird and Not Get Judged

Where else can one express their fear of Corbin Bleu?

7. Give Yourself and Your Friends Extra Likes on Your Real Instas (rinstas)

Clearly, RW needs to make some more finstas! more finstas=more rinsta love!!

8. To Follow all the Food and Animal Instagram Accounts Your Heart Desires Without Messing Up Your Rinsta's Ratio Because Those Accounts are Usually Not #teamfollowback

I highly suggest @hungrygrls and @loganthewelsh ;)

I know there's usually like 10 or 15 points on these list things but I think you guys get the gist. Finstas are for the funny, the creepy, and the therapy. If you don't already have a finsta I hope you venture out into this great world and see what you can create with the wonderful app of Instagram. Rock on, loyal finsta-ers and keep on doin' your thang.


Pray your mom never finds your finsta and requests to follow you. If you're using it right, your posts will scare her away from ever claiming you as her child in public ever again.

All my love,

A Finsta Fanatic