8 Reasons Why Guys Are Better Friends Than Girls

Having a good group of girl friends is obviously nothing short of amazing. However, there's something so uniquely comfortable about a purely platonic friendship with a guy. Even though you get mistaken for their girlfriend every now and then, and there are a countless amount of TMI moments, you wouldn't trade your guy friends for the world. Here's why guys make better friends than girls:

1. They are not judgmental.

You repeated an outfit in front of them? Guess what. They don’t care. You burped after a meal? They’ll high-five you for that. They won’t roll their eyes at you or talk about you when you leave the room.

2. But they will give you the honest truth.

A girl friend will tell you she loves that shirt and it totally doesn’t make you look fat. Maybe she'll say this so as not to hurt your feelings. But a guy friend will be brutally honest and tell you when you look ridiculous. They have no reason not to be honest with you.

3. They will give you better advice than any girl can.

Let’s be real- every girl thinks she knows what's on a guy's mind. But we don’t. Getting guy advice from a girl is pointless. “Oh, honey, you’re better than him!” Yeah, okay. Guys will give you that perspective that no girl ever could. Only they know what boys are actually thinking.

4. There is no drama.

Guys are notorious for getting over things within a matter of seconds. It’s actually kind of strange but extremely refreshing. Catty girl friends will hold grudges and flash a passive aggressive attitude for weeks on end. But it seems as though guys are incapable of doing this, and it makes your life so much easier.

5. They are protective.

Having guy friends is like having a bunch of bodyguards who are always looking out for you. If you’re going through a bad heartbreak, they won’t hold your hand while you cry; they’ll whip out a baseball bat and start taking names. If a creepy guy keeps approaching you at the club, guy friends will be the first to act like your boyfriend so that they leave you alone.

6. They care, but not too much.

Have you ever had that girl friend that just loves giving her opinion, even when no one asks? Whether it be her opinion about politics, the latest Adele song or what she thinks about Jessica hooking up with so-and-so, she has no problem voicing her every thought. Guys don’t do that. They are so much easier. They will only tell you what they think when asked.

7. They are trustworthy.

Trying to get a girl friend to keep a secret is near impossible. Girls love this idea of starting conversations with, “Well did you hear…” With guys, this is highly unlikely. They have no interest in spreading gossip. With that being said, they make the best secret-keepers. You can tell them anything in the world and rest assured that it won’t come back to you.

8. They are for life.

When you think about it, you’ve probably gone through dozens of different girl friends. Maybe you have a small handful that has been there since day one. But for the most part, girl friendships can ultimately be very temporary. Guy friends are stable and everlasting. They will never leave you.

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