Spoiler alert: if you haven't finished the first season of "Riverdale" turn back now! Binge watch! And then please, return to see why Cheryl Blossom is the most under-appreciated character on the show.

So, I’ll admit. I don’t have red hair, I’m not a cheerleader, and my dad doesn’t own a maple syrup business that acts as a front for his heroin running business. Cheryl is definitely the heart of the psycho-drama that is “Riverdale,” but she also has a lot to deal with.

Between the murder of her brother, demise of her father, and abuse on the part of her mother, she has good reason to be a bit of a beezy when it comes to the social scene. Despite all of that, there’s something that makes us not absolutely hate Cheryl. What is it?

Maybe it's the way she stares at fire.

Just kidding. It is pretty sick though.

1. Dance moves.

Does this remind you of yourself at the club? Me neither.

2. She does what she wants.

Including taking that cherry off your milkshake in hopes of manipulation and intimidation. Crazy, but she looks cool while doing it.

3. Hair flips

This lady has long, luscious locks and rocks a hard part like nobody's business.

4. Resilience, always

Cheryl has a lot going on. Her family is like some super twisted cross between a soap opera and classical tragedy. Nevertheless, this girl shows up and sets her own rules.

5. A flawless red lip

I've never seen anyone wear lipstick like this in high school during class, but Cheryl pulls it off. More power to you, girlfriend. Also - asking for a friend - what lip liner do you use?

6. Fearless fashion sense

I personally haven't seen anyone wear a dress like this to a casual Homecoming dance, but who am I to dictate what's acceptable in Riverdale? Slay, Cheryl.

7. Zero f*cks given.

So yeah. She burnt down her own house to spite her mother. She also wanted to start over, and give herself a clean slate. Rid of Thornhill (the creepy mansion that belonged to the Blossoms'), Cheryl and her mom are without a home at the end of the first season. To be fair, her mother is the devil incarnate. The crazy savage that is Cheryl Blossom.

8. She's adorable!

Real life Cheryl (Madalaine Petsch) is actually super cute and looks good even without that bomb red lip and side part.

So, if you identify as a Betty or Veronica or honestly anyone else, you gotta commend the hustle of Cheryl. She takes it to the extreme (a little too) often, but her life is a little extreme. First time I watched "Riverdale", I thought this woman was actually insane. Now, I've got a whole lot of respect for her.

She's crazy, empowered, decisive, and ambitious. Go Cheryl.