8 Reasons That Boo The Dog Can't Be A Real Dog

Boo, "the world's cutest dog," is adored by his thousands of followers on all forms of social media. This adorable Pomeranian will melt your heart with his whacky antics and his ludicrous haircut. But has anyone considered that he is perhaps too cute?! That's right, Boo isn't a real dog. He is some kind of super-realistic stuffed animal put in hilarious poses by his supposed owner "human" to earn millions for book deals, merchandise and to gain thousands of shares on social media. Here is undeniable proof that Boo cannot be a real dog.

1. The perfectly round head.

Simple laws of physics prohibit this shape of head for a dog. I mean, it's a flawless sphere with two ears and a nose poking out. It's either clear evidence of Intelligent Design or a hoax.

2. The fact that he loves clothes.

Have you ever tried to put a sweater on your dog? It's right up there with flying pigs and squaring the circle in terms of impossible tasks. Then how are there hundreds of pictures of Boo in different outfits? Boo loves clothes, huh? Next you're going to tell us that he loves vacuum cleaners and the vet too.

3. Shoes.

If clothes crossed the line, then shoes jumped straight to the next county. Dogs in shoes? It's not natural. Dogs want to feel their little paws on the grass, not bound in shoes, and certainly not Crocs.

4. We've never seen him wet.

Sure, he looks miserable in the bath here, but that's an easy pose to put a stuffed dog in. Look at the flawless fur. Look at it! Clearly a hoax.

5. He is indistinguishable from his stuffed counterparts.

One is the "real" Boo and one is official merchandise. Can you tell the difference? I thought not.

6. They keep adding more dogs to distract from the fact that Boo isn't real.

"Human" realized that people were getting suspicious of Boo's authenticity. So they started to add other, more believable, yet still achingly adorable dogs to the mix to create the "Blonde Mafia." Buddy and Blue are clear - we can all believe that they're 100 percent genuine canines, but you can't fool us. We're still on to you, Boo.

7. They fact that they can even get him to pose in all this stuff.

Getting a cranky toddler to hold a pose long enough to snap a picture is easier than attempting the same with a dog. The whole premise of the Boo business enterprise is just flawed. How is anyone supposed to believe that you have posed this dog in hundreds of adorable ways within the span of a human life time?

8. He's just too damn cute.

In all seriousness, no Earth-born creature could possibly be this flawless and adorable all the time. Frankly, it's just plain unnatural how cute this dog is. Could you imagine him doing any of the things your dog does? Pooping on your carpet? Licking his own privates? Eating a two year old pepperoni that he found under the couch? Of course not, because he's not a dog!

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