With February getting into full gear, it's hard to keep the motivation. Homework, tests, papers are all piling up, and the only thing anyone really wants to do is click next episode on Netflix. But there are a million and one (okay really just XX) ways that you can be both productive and watch Netflix at the same time.

1. Laundry

Folding your clothes is a perfect little 20 minute Netflix break

2. Working out

105% of my motivation to get to the gym is knowing that I get to watch an entire episode of Netflix without feeling bad about it.

3. Cleaning your room

It's hard to get work done when you can't find anything. Take 30 minutes, crank up Netflix, and grab the vacuum.

4. Studying***

***THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. For me, personally, I watch Netflix while doing problems or things that don't require reading. But always proceed with caution. If you find that Netflix is impeding on your homework, then you should probably put the homework away.

5. Eating

You have to do it 3 times a day, and it's not easy to study while eating, so take this time to catch up on your shows.

6. Getting ready in the morning

There is no better way to start your morning than with some Netflix.

7. Walking to class

Just make sure to pay attention to where you are going! Also, if you live on a big campus, this is just extra Netflix time for you!

8. When you are taking a break

Believe it or not, but regular and frequent breaks are good for retaining information. The more you cram into your head, the less likely you will remember it. So every hour or take, take some time to watch your favorite episode of "The Office" or "Parks and Recreation."