High schoolers have a language of their own, and keeping up with this requires the utmost perseverance. I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that the term "groovy" was common? Now, young people have chosen to substitute that old-fashioned word with "A1" or "gucci." Beside being adequate Instagram captions, modern slang also has the power to confuse grown-ups and other kids who are out of the loop. So here's a list of popular phrases that people use for those who want to talk like the cool kids.

1. I'm honestly feeling dead right now.

Which means something along the lines of, "I'm so tired right now because I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. doing that stupid research paper, and I had to chug like five cups of coffee just to stay awake. So don't even talk to me right now because chances are, I won't even pay attention since I feel like a zombie." See, that wasn't difficult to figure out at all!

2. I'm gonna BS that worksheet.

"I'm gonna write in random answers and guess a bunch of numbers so it looks like I actually did the work just so I can get an A and then, I won't have to feel my teacher's disapproving glare." Just watch this kid get into Harvard someday.

3. Whoa, that party was lit!

This actually translates to, "Whoa, that party was beyond awesome because literally everyone from school was there, and there was a sick DJ who pumped out all the hit songs of 2017! Also everyone was taking cool pictures and uploading them onto Snapchat to make all their other friends jealous!" If only homecoming was as lit as this party.

4. What's up, fam?

And the correct meaning is, "What's up, people who I met freshman year but have now become my squad who I eat lunch and walk in the hallways with to every class because I am no longer comfortable with striking conversations with strangers?" Just when you thought the only fam you had to deal with was your mom, dad and annoying younger sister.

5. Ugh, you are so basic.

Alternately, this means, "Ugh! You are wearing white converse, drinking a Starbucks frappuccino, wearing an off-the-shoulder shirt and singing along to Halsey. In that case, please do it over there because some of us can't handle the number of mainstream vibes you ooze." Ouch, you probably genuinely liked Halsey's singing.

6. Dang, he just roasted you!

"Dang, he just counterattacked your accusation or teasing with an amazing insult that puts you to shame, and now you must walk around school waving a white flag because there is no way you can come back from a burn like that." I suggest you run some cold water over however many burns you may inevitably receive from high school roasts.

7. Why is she being so salty?

Which means, "Why is she being so unnecessarily rude or sarcastic? Because I have been nothing but kind to her, and now she wants to roast my behind, so I hope she puts all that excess salt back into the ocean for her sake." Why can't she just be sugar, spice and everything nice?

8. My brother just came in clutch.

"My brother just saved me from living an inconvenient way of life by buying a Chipotle bowl for lunch, so now I can eat this (hopefully) salmonella-free meal and brag about it to my friends later, so they'll appreciate how cool my brother and I are." Obviously.

Now that you are a master in high school slang, I hope you will continue your journey of talking in a cringe manner elsewhere. Don't worry, there will be more slang to come in the future because kids these days just don't know when to stop.