Podcasts have reemerged as a popular form of entertainment after the success of Serial proved how engaging and interesting audio storytelling can be. There's podcasts for nearly everything, from true crime, cooking, politics, etc. For readers and writers, there's many chances to explore new writing and discover your next favorite author for free. Services like iTunes and the internet have hundreds of literary-themed podcasts to subscribe and listen to:

1. The Drum: A Literary Magazine for Your Ears

Honoring the rhythmic nature of the drum, this magazine is an innovative new approach to literary magazines. It is exclusively available as an audio podcast.

2. Unknown Words with Matthew Anderson

This podcast spotlights upcoming writers in all genres. Currently there are 31 episodes of different writers sharing their works of fiction or poetry as well as being interviewed by Matthew Anderson to reveal how they came to love what they do.

3. Beautiful Writers Podcast

This podcast spotlights successful women writers or industry specialists with one-on-one interviews. The most notable guest has been Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post. Great inspiration for women writers and great for those looking for a little more diversity in what they read or listen to.

4. New Yorker: Fiction

Listen to the best writers read from the best writers' work! Whether you want to hear The Handmaid's Tale's Margaret Atwood read Mavis Gallant or Louise Erdrich taking on Joyce Carol Oates, you can expect the best from one of the most prestigious literary and culture magazines in the world.

5. Pseudopod

For the creepiest horror and sci-fi works podcasts can offer, Pseudopod is a great source for finding the weird, creepy, and grotesque. There are currently 31 episodes ready to download on iTunes.

6. The Poetry Magazine Podcast

Poetry Magazine has been around since 1912 when it was founded by Harriet Monroe. It has since been regarded as the ultimate sign of a poet's success. In order to keep itself updated, Poetry offers "Poem A Day" emails, a database of famous poets, a mobile app, and a podcast. To listen to the best poetry, this podcast is essential to subscribe to.

7. Lore

All about the folklore that haunts our dreams at night, Lore is a biweekly podcast preparing for its role as an upcoming TV show. If you like legends, myths, and maybe being frightened, Lore is perfect for you.

8. Crime Writers On...

For the latest in crime writing, journalism, the Serial podcast and more, this podcast is great for crime novelists, readers, and those interested in criminal justice.