8 Places To Visit In Nashville, TN

8 Places To Visit In Nashville, TN

I am still dreaming about the fried chicken, grilled pineapple, and sweet tea...

If you have ever been to “Music City,” then you know what the hype is truly all about. After spending spring break in the Music City, I have created a must-see, or an activity list, of things I think should be included in your trip.

1. Visit the Johnny Cash Museum

Location: 119 Third Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee

I, like many, love country music and who doesn’t like the song "Ring of Fire"? This museum helped me learn some interesting facts about Cash, including the fact that his name on his birth certificate is listed as J.R. Cash.

Website: http://www.johnnycashmuseum.com

2. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Location: 4580 Rachel's Lane Nashville, TN 37076

If you are in any way like my family, stopping at a historical site is always a must. We never pass up the opportunity. We got to tour his mansion and see his grave. I think it’s more important to experience history for yourself rather than just through a textbook. It really makes me happy when I can touch something historic. For example touching a hand rail that years before a president once touched really makes me smile. No matter where you go, try to experience a piece of history because it’s definitely something special.

Website: http://thehermitage.com

3. Country Music Hall of Fame

Location: 222 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Country music has always been something I listened to. That’s why going to the Country Music Hall of Fame was so special. I got to see handwritten lyrics to the songs that speak to me. Definitely something to see, especially the outfits worn by all those famous artists. One of the truest quotes I found in the Museum was one that said “Country music is three chords and the truth.” - Harlan Howard

Website: http://countrymusichalloffame.org

4. The Grand Ole Opry

Location: 2804 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

“The show that made country music famous.” I definitely had a GRAND OLE time at the Grand Ole Opry! The fact that I got to witness a part of history in the flesh and stand on a piece of wood where some of country music best sung their hearts out is definitely something everyone should experience if they ever go to Nashville. I definitely learned how special it is for artists to be welcomed into the Grand Ole Opry.


5. Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

Location: 1414 Clinton St, Nashville, TN 37203

If you still don’t think Nashville is great, add Tennessee Whiskey to your list! Although the Jack Daniel’s Distillery was super cool, it was also very far from where we were, and we didn’t have the time to travel any further so we went to a family run distillery right where we were. Let me tell you, it was probably just as nice, maybe even more, personable than the Jack Daniel’s one would have been. The admission price was even something you can’t beat for an experience like this. I learned a lot about the Nelson family history and how they got started making Tennessee Whiskey! Talk about a rebellious family history, but to read more up on that experience the tour for yourself! You definitely can’t go wrong if you go on this tour! After the tour, if you are of legal age, you may want to take part in their tastings they have!


6. Wall Murals

If you are like me and need to take pictures in front of lots of wall art, then Nashville is certainly the place for that. They are scattered all around the city. Here are just some of the ones I found and a little background about each mural:

  1. “I Believe in Nashville”: 2706 12th Ave. S.I actually never got a picture in front of this one because the night before I was going to go, someone destroyed the sign. I got to see the destroyed mural in person but not to give that person any more attention. I decided not to post that picture. It has since been repainted and I will be back to get my picture!
  2. Draper James stripes: right across from “I Believe in Nashville.”This next one was still in 12 South too.
  3. THE GULCH; What Lifts You Wings: 302 11th Ave. S.

7. Rodizio Grill The Brazilian Steakhouse

Location:166 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201

In terms of food, you want to try many places. My advice would be to go to the salad bar and get some sides for the table but do not fill up on them. Then, let the meats and seafood come! You can always take a break but get your money's worth because it’s definitely worth it. Get some fresh grilled pineapple to not only cleans the palate in between rounds, but also because you will dream about it weeks and weeks later, maybe even years! But if you want a lot of great food, check out it out for yourself!


8. Monell's At the Manor

Location: Nashville International Airport (BNA), 1400 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217

If you want lots of awesome food, family style, this is the place to go! And, boy, do the locals know it! What I loved about this place was the atmosphere, it was the whole southern mentality that everything moves to the left. The fried chicken was incredible! The place gave me a real home-like feel. It also left me feeling like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... “You guys might need to roll me out of here!”

Cover Image Credit: cdn.aarp.net

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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10 Things We Should Do For Our Country Before Outlawing Abortion

Just take one minute to think before you act, will you?


As we all know by now, this past week Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill that will make performing an abortion illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected. In 2019, Alabama passed its own abortion bill making it the most restrictive in the nation with Ohio and Mississippi following suit.

An ultrasound can detect a fetal heartbeat in as early as 6-7 weeks. This is before most women even know that they are pregnant. This raises multiple uncomfortable, jarring, but necessary questions. Why are men able to make laws regarding a woman's body? Do we except pre-teen rape victims to endure a nine-month pregnancy followed by childbirth? If enforcing stricter gun laws won't stop people from buying guns, what is telling us that stricter abortion laws will stop people from having abortions?

Instead, I would like to propose 25 alternative issues to tackle for the people of our country before we open up this can of controversial worms.

1. Homelessness

Homelessness in the US is a deepening crisis in America. In places that are doing better than ever before economically, the rates of homeless families are at an all time high.

2. Foster Care

Nearly three-quarters of US states have reported an increase in the number of children entering foster care since the year 2014. However, with this increase, there is a steep decline in families applying to be foster parents, mental health care for the kids, trauma counseling for drug abuse by a parent, and additional community resources.

3. Gun Reform

I do not want to take away your guns, caring American citizen who has a legitimate conceal to carry in order to protect yourself and others. I want to take away their guns—the mentally unstable psychopaths who think it's okay to harm others because the voices in their head told them so.

4. Plastic Waste

"Because plastic wasn't invented until the late 19th century, and production really only took off around 1950, we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of the stuff to deal with. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons have become waste. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to a recycling bin."

5. Student Debt

Student loan debt in 2019 is the highest ever. It is a $1.5 trillion dollar crisis.

6. Stray Animals

There are roughly 70 million stray animals living in the US today.

7. Potholes

It's just NOT THAT HARD. My car is too old to handle all of that.

8. Mental Healthcare

The American healthcare system spends roughly 5.6% of the national healthcare budget on mental health treatment.

9. Plant More Trees

Combatting climate change, cleaning the air, providing oxygen? Good enough for...literally everyone.

10. Save the bees

A third of all of our food depends on their pollination.

Regardless of our own opinions on the matter, I think it is more than fair to say that each individual should be allowed to make decisions about their own body.

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