8 Pinterest Boards Every Planner Needs To Start Now
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Student Life

8 Pinterest Boards Every Planner Needs To Start Now

Pin efficiency into your life.

8 Pinterest Boards Every Planner Needs To Start Now

Pinterest is the twenty-first century magazine. With the ability to access every possible topic and find information on any subject, it's a essentially cutting out an article from a very large magazine to add to your collection. For me, Pinterest isn't just about finding cute outfits and awing over expensive wedding dresses; it's about improving my lifestyle. Since January I've started several boards that have helped me in my everyday life. Here are 12 boards to start on Pinterest.

1. Travel

Obviously, this board is my favorite. If you suffer from wanderlust on a regular basis, like I do, this board will keep your adventurous dreams alive. There are absolutely no limits on what places you want to pin! Pinterest's wide selection will also lead you to locations that are closer to home. Just by searching, you can find cool places to take a day-trip and pin them for later!

2. Book List

This board can look terrifying at first, if you just start throwing every pin that features a book in it. The trick is to focus on the books you would actually read. It'll also making you feel less guilty walking into a bookstore and buying a stack that's going to sit in the corner of your room because you don't have time. A board is a reliable place you can go to for book suggestions before filling up the space on your bookshelf!

3. Organization

I can't tell you how many times I've scrolled passes "20 Easy Tips for Bullet Journals" or "10 Ways to Improve Your Planner." Simply by making a board, all this advice becomes easier to look through and decide what works for me. If you devote the time to organizing a board, then you definitely have the time to improve your organization skills.

4. Crafts

I couldn't even begin to tell you how many crafts I've done from my board. Too many to count. I mostly use pins for inspiration, knowing I could never create exactly what they did--because of the lack of arts & crafts skills I possess. Either way, it's a great way to build up cute crafts for any type of occasion: graduation, big/little week, weddings, baby showers, even home decor. It's all there on your board, saving time and money later when you need to think of something for a certain event.

5. Recipes

This is a cliche use of Pinterest, but it works. My recipe board has been my saving-grace while studying abroad and making my own meals. Just by searching quick dinners to make, I'm able to get everything I need and have it ready by that night. Plus, if I'm craving something in particular, I can search recipes that include that specific food!

6. Outfits

Another cliche, but there's a reason I put this one of the list. This board isn't necessarily for you to drool over clothing you'll never be able to afford, but instead for more practical outfits. Start by pinning outfits you could actually see yourself wearing, then draw inspiration from it as you head off to second-hand shops and Good Will to see if you can't just fit the expensive outfit into your budget.

7. Career Improvement

Whether you're a college student preparing for real world jobs, an intern for a company you'd like to make an impression at, or even someone who's been in "grown up" jobs for a long time, there's always room for improvement! Start a board devoted to resume/cover letter/careers tips, helpful books from successful people in your field of interest, and overall inspiration for success. It's a perfect way to set aside a small section of time to advance your career goals.

8. Odyssey Articles

A board dedicated to the Odyssey article you love or wrote is great way to share a wider range of viewers through Pinterest! I can't tell you how many helpful articles I've found through my board for Odyssey.

These boards are suggestions to make your life easier and have become a great help to me, especially while studying abroad. Which ones will you try out?

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