8 People You Will Encounter At Merrimack College
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8 People You Will Encounter At Merrimack College

If you are a student at Merrimack, or have just been on a visit, you probably have met some of these people.

8 People You Will Encounter At Merrimack College

Every college campus you encounter will provide you with a different experience and will have a different feel. This feeling is a lot of times because of the people that you encounter while on your visit or during your time there. If you go to Merrimack College, or have even just been here on a visit, you probably have met some of these people:

The Sodexo Employees

"Some of the nicest people you will ever talk to" – Ashlyn Howard


The New Englanders



The International Students

“You can always find a good amount of people from around the world” – Devon Bettencourt


Warrior Pride

"Most of the people here at Merrimack are all about school spirit. It is a super positive environment because of these people!" – Alexandra Wolf


The Genuine People

"It is extremely rare to find someone who won't hold the door open for you or smile while walking by!" – Alyssa Gilooly


The SUPER Involved

"Everyone is something, whether it's sports, a club, an on campus job, or all of the above!!" –Chrissi DiMartino


The Athletes

"Everyone knows who they are – and if you don’t, they’re probably sitting together in Sparky’s wearing matching warmups" – Alison Fonseca


The Student-Workers

“It doesn’t matter what office, building, or room you are in, you can find student-workers all over campus.” – Angelica Medina


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