8 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Stole The Show

Halloween might only be one day out of the year, but celebrities don't mess around when it comes to celebrating this holiday. Weeks go into planning elaborate costumes and ensuring each one is perfect. While it can be unrealistic to have five costumes picked out for Halloween, it is always fun to see the lengths celebrities go to to have the perfect costume. Here are some of my favorite celebrity Halloween costumes.

1. Khloe Kardashian. 

This year Khloe Kardashian dressed up with her daughter, True, as Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian. While True's little Dalmatian costume definitely stole the show, Khloe certainly turned heads with her unique approach to Cruella's typical outfit.

2. Jessica Biel.

This year, Jessica Biel took a comical approach as she dressed up as her husband, Justin Timberlake, for Halloween. Jessica Biel sported a blue metallic jumpsuit and short curly wig in an attempt to dupe her husband's look circa his NSYNC* days. To make the costume even better, Justin Timberlake even got in on the fun and dressed up as a microphone.

3. Lizzo.

Lizzo took a page from her own book when she dressed up as a DNA test this year. Her costume comes directly from lyrics from her popular hit, "Truth Hurts." She even took to Instagram to share a funny video displaying her costume.

4. Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid took a unique approach to her costume this year and dressed up as Jim Carrey's character from "The Mask." She chose to stick to the traditional appeal of the costume and only modified it to be slightly more flattering to her face and body shape.

5. Bretman Rock.

Bretman Rock's Halloween costume was by far one of my favorites this year. He chose to dress up like Violet from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." For a unique look, he wore a blue inflatable suit to give off the blueberry look Violet has in the movie. Bretman also created a fun makeup look that gave his costume more detail.

6. Sofia Richie.

While Sofia Richie's costume was rather simple, her Aurora costume was absolutely stunning. Sofia opted for a short body con dress rather than the dress traditionally worn by the princess. With a little work, this costume could easily be achieved by anyone.

7. Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle Union's costume was a hit amongst the internet when she dressed as her character from "Bring it On." If we learned anything from this, it was that Gabrielle Union truly stopped aging years ago.

8. Thomas Rhett.

This year Thomas Rhett and his family dressed as characters from "The Little Mermaid." While the costumes were traditional, what I can appreciate is how his children were the stars of the show. Rather than his wife dressing as Ariel, she opted to go as Ursula and allowing their daughter to play the part of Ariel.

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