As a kid growing up, my mother played the local Christian Radio station, as well as songs from the kid shows that my brother and I watched.

But my father always listened to rock music and was the first to expose me to the genre that has stayed constant throughout my whole life. Rock music was a way of expression, coping and release of all that I was feeling. Rock artists were the first people to get me inspired to play guitar myself and to write music.

However, where I am from, people do not necessarily choose rock music as their go-to car ride songs. Often times I felt looked down upon or felt cast into a certain social status because of it. There are many misconceptions about rock music that need clearing up.

1. Rock music has subliminal messaging in the lyrics.

I am sure you have all heard of the myth that if you play certain rock songs backward or listen to the actual lyrics there is some hidden message buried deep inside of it. People often think subliminal messaging is used in the songs to support violence or even satanic behaviors. However, this is simply not true. Most of the rock music that I listen to and that everyone else listens to do not display any forms of subliminal messaging in them.

2. Rock music is satanic.

Playing off the idea of subliminal messaging comes another myth about rock music, it is satanic. Now as to the origins of this myth, parents and religious officials seemed to start this rumor about rock music being "The Devil's Music." I am not saying there aren't bands out there that may display satanic symbols and insignia, but the fact is 90% of the bands have no connection to satanic rituals whatsoever.

3. Rock musicians aren't intelligent.

On the contrary. A lot of rock musicians are highly intelligent and capable people. This myth stems from the two previously stated. This was another way of placing rock music into a bubble so young children wouldn't be exposed to that "evil". The fact of the matter is that rock musicians are often some of the most musically gifted individuals making music.

4. Rock musicians can't sing.

I would invite you to listen to rock music more to gain a solid grasp of the vocal abilities that rock musicians have. There are times where I listen to rock music and get goosebumps from just listening to the singer belt out a note during a song. Listen to this:

5. Rock music has no melody.

This is another myth created by people who clearly have not done their homework. There is an entire sub-genre of rock that is called Melodic Rock. It is also said that many rock artists have more in common with classical music than many other genres.

6. Rock music listeners are broken, lonely and depressed.

I have never felt more alive than when I listen to rock music. Typically rock musicians and listeners are driven by their emotions and that comes out in a raw and uncensored art form that helps express feelings or to cope with feelings that listeners have. It is a great cathartic tool and I know tons of rock listeners who are happier than people who listen to other music.

7. Rock music is sexist.

I'm sure we have all seen album covers of scandalously dressed women on them. I am not defending that fact that some of the people in rock music might be sexist but there are a ton of women who listen to rock music and aren't affected by the so-called sexism it invokes. There is also a long list of female rock musicians that wouldn't call rock music sexist.

8. Rock music insights violence.

Teenage angst is what rock music was founded upon during the 70's and onward but rock listeners have been shown to be calmer after listening to the music than before they listened. The facts are clear, if the style of music you enjoy is rock, you will probably not become a serial killer out for blood and violence. For myself, listening to rock music soothes me as well as creates a sense of everything being okay even in the darkest of times.

You see all of these statements are myths created by those who do not listen to rock music in the first place or find it to be repulsive. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when you have done no research at all and lump an entire category of music in with violence, sex and drugs, it is not giving due diligence to that community.

Rock music will always be my favorite genre to listen to because of some of the reasons I listed above. It is a release and an escape for a lot of people and needs to be seen as the art that it actually is.